By Montana Grant

Posted: July 4, 2019

The Madison River is clear, flowing and heating up. Hatches are beginning to show up and the fishing should begin to improve.

Salmon flies were on the rocks at Headwaters the other day. Within weeks they will begin their march upriver. The start of the hatch will have huge holes in it. In past years, when the hatch was at Grey Cliffs, it was also in the Bear Trap Canyon. No bugs were anywhere else. Perhaps it is the heated rocks along the river. 8 Mile access seems to have bugs before other areas.

The rest of the river has become more productive. You can expect an increase I flows soon as Hegben Lake tops off. It is just about full. This added cold water should extend the hatches and cool water needed for a longer summer fishery.

I also noticed PMD’s and a few caddis. Fishing wit streamers is still productive. I was using Madonna’s but dead drifting them like a nymph. Trout think it is crayfish and can’t resist. Strikes are solid and hard. Ironically, most of the fish I caught were smaller.

Crowds tend to be heavier on the weekends and after work. Guides have been pounding the upper river and below Ennis Lake as well. Several were making the drift to Grey Cliffs.

Time to go fish!

Montana Grant

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