Missouri River Fishing Report by Headhunters Fly Shop 7.15.19
By angelamontana

Posted: July 16, 2019

Here’s the latest on the Mighty Mo from Headhunters Fly Shop:

Flows are great. Nearly 6K allows for good to great dry fly app’s near banks and on dry fly flats.

Water Temps just above 60F. Good. If we can sneak out of this month without getting too hot, the water temps too hot, it may mitigate the weed growth. Just sayin’.

Fishing is damn good.

The dry fly bite is good. The nymph bite is pretty good. SOL has been in some sort of dreamlike state guiding dry fly anglers this past month. I say, bring it. IT is damn good according to me, the author of today’s weblog and fishing report.

Caddis? Yes. Skittering, dead, hatching, crippled, emerging. Fish those kinds. CDC is a great material for caddis.

PMD’s? Spinners are the hot tip man. Fish the spinner. There are a few giant 13’s on the water out there. Fish the big one. Or fish the little one, but the big one gets more applause.

Sally’s? Lower river, lower canyon. Lots. Skittering, running, hopscotching. We got he Yellow Sally Patterns you’ve been looking for @ HH of Craig.

Drakes? Yep. On those drake runs. You know, silty. Cripples rule.

Trico’s? Nearly. Ohh, so very close. Could be today. Saw a starter batch over the Craig Bridge a couple days ago. It’s gonna happen.

Heads Up: A great PMD hatch for the better part of a month. Caddis coming on still. Gonna get better. Good numbers out there daily to do some damage. So a good long dry fly session already. When the Trico’s pop, we will have another 8-12 weeks of dry fly daily goodness. Yes, you read that right man. 2-3 more months of kick ass Headhunting.

Those fish are doin push-ups out there, man.

August will be fantastic. Look for fewer anglers and more fish up. Book your guide trips and lodging today with our crack staff. Open daily 630-9. First and last.

Crowds? Weekends yes. Mid week? Sorta of. Not as busy as June. June is the big one here on the Mo. We fall off of the July Cliff in about 10 days. So, again, if you like good dry fly opp’s with no one in sight, come on out this August. For the rest of the month fish at night. No one around at all. Good caddis action, and the Drake thing too man.

Trico Hatch Guessing: John and I think the 16th. 12 days behind historical normal. Mark it Dude.