Rigger Rocks the Salmon on Peck!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 27, 2019

Downrigger Dale’s first salmon fishing trip to Fort Peck woke up the bite, and he took advantage of it on Sunday! He joined the Captain, and it only took less than an hour for him took hook into a 14 pound king!

The second salmon he caught didn’t take that long–about 5 minutes. It was as close to a double as you can get!

All in all, he caught four salmon in less than three hours. He even let the Captain reel a 10-pounder in before they were blown off the lake by a storm.

They were fishing 75 feet down, and blue and green magic Brad’s Super bait was the ticket. It was the best day the Captain has had this year fishing for salmon on Fort Peck Reservoir, and, according to Downrigger Dale, he owes all of the success to him.

They were trolling 2.4 mph and fishing by the Shafthouse by the dam.