By Montana Grant

Posted: September 22, 2019

“Leave only a footprint and take only a picture!” This was the lesson that many of were taught. Litter is an eyesore. Why some people think it is ok to leave their trash in our beautiful places is beyond me.

Years ago, I was walking back to the truck after a day of fishing Hunting Creek, near Thurmont, MD. There were dozens of beer cans along the road. It seemed that the commuters that traveled this route did not want evidence of drinking and driving in possession so, out the window went their trash.

I grabbed my net and filled it with empty cans. When I went to throw them into the trash, I noticed that they were different. Labels, brands, sizes, colors. Maybe I should start a collection. I already had a collection of different shotgun shell empties.

The couple of cans soon became a boatload. My beer can collection grew to over 2500 different cans. I sold them to a bar in Fells Point, Maryland when I moved to Montana. The rest of the aluminum paid for countless hunting and fishing licenses. The recycled wealth of aluminum cans really adds up.

“Leave a campsite better than you found it!” Picking up your trash is a sign of respect. Only pigs live in their own slop. Whenever we finish with our trash, dispose, or recycle it properly. How hard can it be?

Litterbugs are simply selfish and lazy. Clean up after your dog, never leave a trail of your junk and waste. No one wants or, needs to, look at your trash. Would you want another folks’ trash in your yard? Litterbugs are the first, and loudest people, to complain when someone trashes their space. NOT IN MY BACK YARD!

Treat our special places and others with the respect you expect. No more, no less.

Montana Grant

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