By Montana Grant

Posted: October 20, 2019

Hunting or fishing in Montana can be damn uncomfortable! Cold, rain, snow, wind, and harsh conditions will make you ready to quit. If you are miserable, you are not enjoying the day.

Modern clothing and accessories make all the difference. Polar fleece, hand warmers, quality bad weather gear, insulated footwear, layered garments that wick away, warm, or constrict are essential to survive a day afield.

Most hunters can tough out a day or two but if the hunt or trip goes much longer, they become unprepared. At this point the adventure is over and the misery begins. Attitude is such a huge part of being afield. If you think you will be skunked, you will be correct. Maintenance, drying, and caring for your gear is important every day. If you do not properly dry out your gear, the next day will be miserable.

Practice good hygiene. If you do not clean your body daily, the smell and discomfort will creep in. Bathroom concerns, armpits, sweat, and basic body needs must be addressed to keep you comfortable. Just using scent free, sanitary wipes to clean your body, will make you surprisingly refreshed.

There is no reason to be miserable. Todays rough weather gear is simply amazing. Much of this gear is reasonably priced and available. When you think about some of the crappy gear, we used decades ago, and survived, the products today will spoil you. Itchy wool is replaced with silk and smooth products that wick away moisture. Socks can be battery warmed. Hand warmers come in shake and bake scent free bags.

Think head, feet, fingers and toes! If you can make sure these areas are covered, and cozy, then the rest of you will be cozy too. A comfortable sportsman can now celebrate the day. Most of our body heat is lost through our heads. A proper and comfortable hat is helpful.

Think layers! Don’t just use one layer of garment, think several. Some of these layers may be for concealment, moisture, constriction, or… Layers can be removed or added as needed. Constriction garments promote better circulation. Polypropylene liner socks will keep your feet dryer. Insulated boots add protection from cold and Gore-Tex adds protection from water.

Hunt comfortably and you will be a better hunter!

Montana Grant

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