By Montana Grant

Posted: October 13, 2019

Magnum is still doing well as can be expected. The vet is surprised. We have changed a few things and are doing some things that we had done.

Mag is back on steroids and antibiotics. He was snorting and constantly licking his nose. Sleeping was tough. WE went back onto the previous meds and he was back to himself.

We know that at some point, things will turn south, but for now, Magnum is happy. He is chasing birds in the yard and eating well.

The raw food diet has been good. Mags hair and other fatty lipomas and cysts have disappeared. He only has air going into his left nostril. The tumor has slowed but is growing. He can always breath out of his mouth. No other change in his behavior. He is still the fastest dog in Montana.

Next week is the opening of pheasant season. When we first got the prognosis on Magnum, we thought he would be gone by now. I plan to take him hunting next week when the season opens. I still feel he will smell out a few cock birds before he is done. If not, then we will have a nice walk. If Magnum dies when we hunt, then I will be jealous.

Hang in their Mag!

Montana Grant

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