By Montana Grant

Posted: October 24, 2019

Back in the we camped! Tents, shelters, cheapo trailers. Camping today has taken on a whole new image. Canvas is out, silence is forgotten, and where are the food trucks? The fun used to be roughing it in style.

My wife and I used to camp all the time. The simplicity of camping was wonderful. It created adventure, challenges, and fun. Sure, it rained and snowed but… we were rough and tough. Overcoming challenges measures our grit.

Today, my wife’s idea of camping is seeing a tree out the window of a Holiday Inn! Things change.

The National Park Service is keeping up with the times. Campgrounds will become more inviting for the next generation of campers. A federal program is underway to redesign our National Park Campgrounds to meet the needs of todays campers.

Food trucks, more hot showers, Wi-Fi, cabins, more long stay facilities, and modernized facilities are on the way. Electric to most sites will be available. Campsites will be made larger to accommodate big RV’s and Toy Haulers. Anything less will be labeled PRIMITIVE!

More than 9.2 people stayed at campgrounds last year. Redesigning campgrounds and adding modern accommodations could boost the revenue to our National Park campgrounds. This is a surprise since todays campgrounds are reserved years in advance. Camping in Yellowstone Park requires an expeditionary force to hold a campsite.

Campers that have tried to camp in many of our public campgrounds, must deal with HUGE motorhomes, RV; s with humming generators, loud plasma TVs, and neighbors you never see. So, what is the point of camping? Their idea of camping is to avoid being outdoors!

Our parks roads are too small for the convoy of 30 plus foot RVs slowly traveling the parks roads. It seems like the have and have nots mean, RVs rule and tents are cruel!

The next step will be to not allow any Real Camping.

Montana Grant

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