By Montana Grant

Posted: November 17, 2019


Few trucks are without a bumper sticker. Some rides are completely covered. Some Rigs sport only a couple. Too many bumper stickers is tacky. No bumper stickers is wasting our right of expression. Finding a sweet spot that is entertaining without being insulting is a challenge.

Hunters and fishermen are very consistent with their sporting bumper sticker themes. They relate to size, sex, weapons, booze, and freedom! Their statements often border on rude, insulting, or distasteful. Having a sense of humor is important when interpreting their bumper stickers.

Most sporting rigs carry an NRA sticker. One of my friends got pulled over for a few miles over the limit speeding ticket. The cop was a hunter and noticed his NRA sticker immediately. A conversation began about hunting and not the ticket. After a few minutes of hunter banter, the cop said, “slow down and good luck this hunting season!”

Yuppie and Millennials rides usually carry the family stick people cartoons or something about their personal agendas. Political stickers can create Road Rage. Free pot, help pets, lives that matter, religion, peace, or other symbols abound.

Hikers and tree huggers apply club decals or anti-gun/ hunting sentiments. Vehicles are personal property and you can surely apply what you want but… I remember a show called “The Dukes of Hazzard”. The characters drove the General Lee hot rod into the deepest, and darkest, part of a southern town. Their car sported a huge confederate flag on the roof. The locals spotted the flag and immediately ganged up on the Duke Boys. Display what you want but you may need to defend it.

Years ago, I drove a white F-150 pickup truck to school. I added a bug shield to the front hood, and applied 2 deer track stickers, and stick on letters, that displayed my trucks name, “Whitetail”. The Principal called me into the office for a complaint. Another teacher, who was black, felt that my truck was “racist”. He had no clue that I was a hunter. Any thing that was “white was not right!” I wonder who the real racist was in this incidence.

Sometimes, you may need to explain your messages.

Montana Grant

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