By Montana Grant

Posted: November 3, 2019

Highways are where the biggest harvests of wild game happen. Road kills are the result of critters, weighing a few hundred pounds, impacting trucks and cars, weighing tons. No Montanan enjoys seeing roadkill. For many of us, it just a waste.

Recently, Montana made a new law allowing motorists to claim roadkill. You pick it up and go to the local FWP office for a roadkill possession tag. If the critter has minimal damage, then it is groceries on the hoof. If the vehicle impact is too great, the animal will be a waste. Intentionally killing critters with your rig is not legal, and just dumb.

Montana is a high-risk roadkill state. The only reason our roadkill numbers are restricted, are due to our smaller population of drivers. More urban states have even greater roadkill because of congested roadways.

Avoiding roadkill requires attentive drivers. Awareness is important. Speed is also a concern. Slick roads can magnify collisions. Interstates mean faster collisions. Sometimes, you just can’t get out of the way.

Try attaching some Deer Whistles to your front bumpers. These ultrasonic whistles, like dog whistles, make high pitched sounds that deer, and other critters can hear. I have used them for decades. They work best at speeds over 20 miles per hour. I still see plenty of deer, but they are on the side of the road looking at me.

My daughter seemed to be a deer magnet. If deer were fighter planes, she would have been a double ace. I added a set of deer whistles to her car and she has never hit one since. That was 10 years ago!

Our safety, rigs, wildlife, and insurance companies are all better served if we avoid roadkill.

Whistle while you drive!

Montana Grant

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