By Montana Grant

Posted: December 5, 2019

Seafood is not one of Big Sky Country’s strengths. The state is far from the seas or oceans where bountiful nets and bushels of fresh seafood is available.

During the holidays, seafood is missed the most. Lobsters, oysters, Sushi, fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, and other tasty treats are in short supply and never Fresh!

Most Montanans are from other places or have visited them. Many of us have bee to the beaches and bays where seafood is king. Blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay, mahi Tuna in Hawaii, redfish in the Gulf of Mexico or delicious oysters from eastern, and western shores.

My family had a tradition of having Oyster Stew for Christmas Eve dinner. I did not care for the stew, but the steamed and raw oysters were delicious. Oh sure, you can get the Costco Crab meat and packed pasteurized versions, but they often come from China, or Asia. How fresh is that?

Montana has Oysters that are under a Buck… bull, steer, sheep, or critter. Testicles are no way like an Oyster. Rocky Mountain Oysters are eaten more on a dare than as a delicacy. It takes Balls to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters! They are just not my Cup of Tea.

We have brought soft crabs, steamed crabs, and Alaska seafood home to Montana on our return flights. That’s about as fresh as it gets, I guess.   We are the Last Place to get Seafood, not the Best!

So much for Big Seafood Country!

Montana Grant

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