By Montana Grant

Posted: December 12, 2019

As hunting and wet water season fishing ends, Pack up your Gear properly. Its easy to just dump it into a box or closet, and forget about it until next year but…

Let me give you an example. Christmas means Christmas lighting. Now bear with me, I know Christmas lights are not so much about hunting and fishing, but gear is gear.

Most Sportsmen that I know hate putting up Christmas Lights. Its cold, ladders are involved, things get slippery, lights are damaged, or bulbs are burned out, and… Anyone that has put up holiday lighting knows exactly what I am talking about.

So, anyway, I got out the Big Tub o lights and opened the lid! Last year, before I put them away, I made all the repairs, labeled where they were supposed to go, labeled which end went where, and wrapped them around cardboard to keep them form tangling. Each area of lights was in the same labeled bag.

Thanks to some last season homework, I put my lights up in half the time, no accidents, and no cursing! This was a first! When I turned on the switch, every light worked, was spaced correctly, hung securely, and ready for the season. Merry Christmas!

The same is true with say your boat. Store the battery, stabilize the fuel, hang the cushions and vests, clean out the debris, dirt, fish guts, and trash. Make sure your tackle is serviced and stored safely. Organize the tackle and gear box, and make a list of what you need, for next year.

My friends hunting camp was the same way. His castle in the wilderness was awesome. After each trip, we needed to clean the place perfectly. Sure, we were tired and wanted to hit the road but… When we came back for the next trip, everything was ready to relax.

This is how you need to end every outing. Finish the day by setting the stage for the next day. You will appreciate it in the morning, or next season.

Take care of your stuff!

Montana Grant

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