By Montana Grant

Posted: March 29, 2020

Hunters seem to have their greatest success when their hearing, vision, and bodies are at their best. As we age, it seems like something is always amiss.

My friend Keith may have been the best marksman I have ever known. I watched him do things with rifles, shotguns, and handguns, that most shooters dream of. In his case, the vision went first. Ironically if the light is right, and the spirit is willing, Keith can still make projectiles do things that most can’t.

Other hunting buddies have also lost their advantages. My friend Scott had such great vision that he could see things well before others. His nickname was “Long Eyes”. Age has a way of catching up.

Some buddies had great senses of smell and could tell where the critters were, if they were down wind, it was a wet day, and the animals were stinky. Rarely have I met a hunter with great hearing.

Tetra Hearing has come out with a new product to help hunters hear better. In the past 20 years many companies have brought hearing aids, enhancers, and protectors to the market. They featured the ability to soften gun blast.

Tetra Deer Amppods are the latest hearing enhancer and protector. Hearing the game is a huge advantage. Wild game has the upper hand in this department. This new unit features a microprocessor that uses STO, Specialized Targeted Optimization, to enhance certain sounds while toning down other unwanted sounds. When the gun goes off, they also muffle the sound to protect your hearing.

Tetra Amppods also are designed to comfortably fit on and in your ears. These hearing aids will not interfere with an archers anchoring point. They also tone down wind, and other background noises that are distracting. Nothing is free and these hearing helpers come at a cost. $699 will turn up the volume.

I wonder if they make these for husbands to tune out nagging partners.

Montana Grant

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