Just a Reminder from Neal Cote – 3/29/2020 Fishing
By angelamontana

Posted: March 29, 2020
Things to be aware or when fishing in Western Montana….
Most of the local rivers are CLOSED to bait fishing until the 3rd Saturday in May.
This applies to Pike Fishing as well as trout for several reasons, but it primarily protects Bull Trout from hooking mortality.
Check your regulations!!! There are wardens out, and they are checking.
Use common sense, don’t crowd up at boat launches or parking areas!!! This is why Washington closed fishing!!! If FWP gets reports of people breaking social distance, then we might loose fishing!!!
Make sure to have lifevests and all the gear to make your float trips legal. This is probably the number one citation early in the year!!!
Rig your boat before pulling up on the ramp!!! Nothing will draw the wrath or other anglers faster than blocking the launch.
Hopefully we can all practice social distance and get out and enjoy some spring fishing, good luck out there!!!