By Montana Grant

Posted: March 12, 2020

Most fishermen enjoy the solitude and silence when afield. The sounds of the wind, water, and critters create a symphony of relaxing and calming ensembles. We have also spent the day with fishermen that never shut up.

My last ice fishing trek was different. Several college kids marched onto the ice with more beer than bait. They went to the deepest part of lake and cut some holes. I was a few hundred yards away when they settled in.

Having fun, laughing, and telling stories is routine in public fisheries. It is important to not ruin other outdoor lovers and their special time. Being respectful of others is always important.

Suddenly the thumping began. Bam, Bam, Bam… Loud bass was shaking the ice. The Tennessee Mega Blaster Speakers and stereo were at full bore and hammering our mountain paradise.

I am a music lover, but for the life of me I could not recognize the tune. The lyrics involved screaming and yelling. The college kids knew the lyrics well and were bellowing out the sounds. If I tried to wail along, I would lose my voice for week.

A little Hank, some ACDC, or more mellow music would be fine but… As the beer flowed, so did the music. Other fishermen left the scene. On a lake, sound travels, so you could hear the music and comments. Only the college kids were loving life.

Fortunately, these wild wailers were also weather wussies. The chilly mountain lake was too cold. Thank goodness they stopped before the hot speakers melted into the ice. When the stereo was turned off, you could feel the silence! The gang of music screamers trudged off the ice and left the scene.

I was going to yell at the Mega Music Madness, but I was too busy catching fish. For some reason, the bite was on and I can’t even recognize or remember the songs.

As my hearing returned a nearby Raven flew onto the ice. The wind gusted a bit, and I could hear the fish flopping on the ice.


Montana Grant

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