By Montana Grant

Posted: March 28, 2020

One fly to a Fly fisherman is like one bone to a dog. It is just not enough! It is a good idea to tie just one fly pattern at a time!

We have all been on the river or creek and must match the hatch. We find that special color, size, and perfect fly in our box and the action turns hot! I was fishing the Missouri last summer and was struggling to match the hatch. I investigated a willow bush and saw some dangling tippet. At the end of the tippet, stuck in a branch was a dry fly! I removed it and thought, “What the Heck!” That mystery fly was magic! I caught several fish as fast as I could catch them. Then I thought, if I lose this fly, I will never be able to copy it! I changed flies with a similar match and caught some fish but…

The other day I pulled out that fly and examined it closely. Next, I laid out the right materials and tools. It was time to tie the One Best Fly!

The first thing I did was to clear the deck. The only stuff on my bench was the materials to tie one pattern. 12 hooks were laid onto a magnet strip. I adjusted my light, put on my cheaters, and went to work. Within a short time, I had several good-looking flies that matched my willow tree find. Next year, on the Missouri, I will not be unprepared.

A cluttered fly-tying bench is distracting and slows you down. Typically, we tend to have too many packets, spools, hooks, tinsels, hair, and feathers in the way. Focus on one fly and you will tie better and more efficiently.

Tie one on!

Montana Grant

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