By Montana Grant

Posted: March 1, 2020

If you can’t see the bite, strike, or line to tie a knot, you need to make an eye appointment. As fishermen age, our eyes fade. Tiny flies, knots, distant strike indicators or bobbers, become harder to see. If you can’t read the fine print on your cellphone, cereal box, or directions print out, you need to fix this.

Cheaters help! Check out some 2-4 power magnifying glasses. If you wear prescription glasses, consider a progressive bifocal prescription.

When I first had to get bifocals, I had the defined bifocal lens. They helped me tie knots but made it hard to see depth perception. As a fishing guide, I would step out of the boat into what I thought was shallow water and end up hip deep. Progressive lens makes the magnification less defined and smoother. I can judge depths much better.

Hat flip magnifiers work well. This magnifier clip onto the brim of your hat and flip down when needed. Once the knot is tied, they flip up out of the way. You can also get a pair of cheaters to switch out with your polaroid’s when needed.

There are many other styles of knot tie helpers and optics to save the day. Most fishermen waste too much time fiddling with knots and tangles instead of fishing.

You can also build your leaders, rig your rods, and pretied rigs at home using magnifiers and lighted optics. Instead of having to tie multiple knots, you can tie just one knot to attach your prebuilt rig. You are not rushed, in the wind, or distracted. Use quality line and tippet.

Seeing a trout rise to a size tiny fly is why we fly fish. Why would you want to miss that spectacle?

Sharpen your sight now!

Montana Grant

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