By Montana Grant

Posted: March 19, 2020

Our current quarantine means more free time. Now is when we need to capitalize on this current opportunity. Making lemonade out of lemons needs to be an Outdoorsman’s mantra! It would be simple to sit around and do nothing. But… what if you use this surprise window of time to accomplish some goals.

Here are some Game Plan ideas to consider!

Eliminate the Honey Do list that has been hanging around your neck for months. Tighten the knobs, replace the faucet washers, clean that closet, organize your shop, repair that cabinet, etc. There will be plenty of lists in the future but at least you can eliminate the current one.

Clean and maintain your gear. Guns, rods and reels, and other support stuff that has been sitting around collecting dust, need some love. Organize the gun safe, consider any reloading needs, repair, lube, adjust, tune up what needs attention. Add some new fishing line to your reels.

Tie Flies! Every fly fisherman needs more flies. Consider your favorite Dirty Dozen and tie a stockpile of caddis, midges, hoppers, ants, and reload your fly boxes. Also do a fly box inventory. Remove and recycle/repair used trash flies. Cut the leader knots from your flies. Organize your boxes.

Tackle your Tackle Boxes. Completely empty and inventory your overflowing boxes. Restock with what you need. Put all the hooks with all the hooks. Sharpen the hooks on your lures. Clip off any knot snippets. Dump out the crud and dead bugs from your box. Make a list of what you need and send it off.

Give your boots and waders some love! Inspect your waders for tears, rips, and punctures. Fill them with water and mark any leaks with a wax pencil. Drain them and let dry. Now repair the holes. Nothing is worse than discovering the leaks when you want to fish. If the boots are too old, trash them and order some new ones.

Exercise/ Diet! You needed time and excuse to get your body tuned up, now is the time. Plan a real diet that will encourage weight loss and improve your health. Jogging, weight training, calisthenics, can all be done at home. You don’t need a Health Spa.

Camp Outdoors.   Set up the tent or RV and check everything out. If the tent has a woodstove, maybe sleep in the yard. Complete any repairs or identify what may need replaced.

Go Outdoors! There is plenty of space and fresh air that can be enjoyed. Walk the dogs, hike and scout for sheds. Float a river, ride a bike, get a tune up! You will appreciate the effort after losing some pounds, being more flexible, staying healthy, and having more energy. Campfires are always a good idea.

Now there are some of you that think this is just wishful thinking. For those lazy, overweight, negative, unhappy, unhealthy, and sad folks, Oh well. Change can be hard. It is easy to do nothing and just complain. Nothing good will come from it but you will be comfortable in your routine. Maybe you will catch the flu, get sick and be miserable.

The choice is yours.

Montana Grant

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