YNP to OPEN!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: May 30, 2020

Montana will be opening the 3 Montana entrances to Yellowstone National Park on June 1st. “YOUR NEW PARK” may be a bit different than in past seasons.

Consider that the park has been vacant of tourists and most people for over a month. The critters have expanded their habitats and made themselves back to their homes. This includes the parking lots, campgrounds, and developed areas. Know this and be aware, alert, and able to adapt to wildlife risks.

The upper passes in the park still have snow on them. Motorcycles and fancy sports cars may not be the best choice of transportation in those areas. Lodging at Old Faithful and Mammoth are currently closed. Camping will be allowed. Other facilities are also to be open. Restrooms, self-serve gas, trails and walkways, limited shopping/stores, entrance stations, medical clinics, and approved tours will be open for business. Takeout fast food, boating and fishing will also be open per normal park regulations. Pack out your own trash is important. “Leave only a footprint, take only a picture!”

Visitors are encouraged to wear face masks and practice social distancing. I am not sure if these will help around the stinky mud pots and cauldrons. If folks are sick, stay home. There will be surveillance check points looking for health issues. This a world traveler destination so germs can be carried into the park. Fortunately, Gallatin and Park counties have few Covid 19 infected cases currently but…

People social distancing is 6 feet. Buffalo, sheep, deer, elk, moose, and coyote social distancing is 25 yards. Wolves and bear social distancing are 100 yards. Every critter needs people to smart enough to avoid any deadly or harmful encounters.

This is their park too!

Montana Grant

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