Flathead Forest cabin/campground fees raised
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: June 1, 2020

Kalispell, MT, June 1, 2020 – Last month, the Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee and USFS Northern Regional Office approved fee changes for 12 rental cabins and two campgrounds in Flathead National Forest.

The changes come as part of a regional effort to better align prices with the services and amenities the areas provide. Most existing rental fees at Flathead National Forest have not been changed for over 15 years, with some dating back to 1999.

User fees for campgrounds and rental cabins are collected under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, with 95% of the fees returned to the Forest for maintenance and improvements. New furniture, painting, windows, roof repairs, bathroom facilities, bear-resistant storage boxes, picnic tables, and roadways are all improvements that the Forest accomplishes through rental fees.

Both cabin and campground reservations are in high demand. The fees are a vital supplement to annual appropriations and are essential to providing a quality visitor experience.

The fee changes will be reflected immediately on Recreation.gov, however existing reservations will not be modified. The new fees for Lindbergh Lake Campground will not begin until the summer of 2021.

The public was first notified about this proposal in 2017 with an early opportunity for comment.

2020 Authorized Recreation Fee changes – Campgrounds and Recreation Rentals

Ranger District Recreation Site Current Fee New Fee
Glacier View/ Hungry Horse (GVHH) Hornet Lookout $20 $40
GVHH Challenge Cabin $30 $50
GVHH Ninko Cabin $30 $50
GVHH Ford Cabin $35 $50
GVHH Ben Rover Cabin $50 $65
GVHH Schnaus Cabin $50 $65
GVHH Zip’s Place Cabin $50 $70
GVHH Wurtz Cabin $65 $75
Swan Lake Mission Lookout $25 $45
Swan Lake Owl Creek Cabin $30 $50
Swan Lake Swan Lake Guard Station $55 $70
Swan Lake Old Condon Ranger Station $65 $85
Swan Lake Lindbergh Lake Campground FREE $10 per night/ $5 extra vehicle
Spotted Bear Spotted Bear Campground $10 per night/ $5 extra vehicle $13 per night/ $5 extra vehicle