By Montana Grant

Posted: June 28, 2020

THERMACELLS will save the day! If you live, fish, camp, or boat in mosquito hell, get a ThermaCell. You will be amazed how this simple product will save your outdoor experience. Swarms of Mosquitos will avoid your space.

When talking about the next Pandemic, it could be spread by Mosquitos. These blood sucking insects can really ruin an outing. Female mosquitos need mammal blood to create eggs. Human blood fits the bill perfectly. They will literally suck the life out of you.

You can layer on DEET and other insect preventers but, they rarely work consistently. There are also some allergies and health concerns when using DEET and other chemicals. Mosquito coils will work but again, they can be toxic. Most Bug Zappers do not target mosquitos unless you buy an expensive scent tab attractor.

Ona trip to a great walleye lake, the bite was on. HUGE Mosquitos were thick, hungry, and heavy. It is no wonder they call them Montana’s State Bird! With warm temperatures, we want to wear les clothes, expose more skin, ad relax. When “squitos” are on the bite, you can’t fish sanely. Constant swatting, slapping, and smacking distracts you from the light bites of the fish. The bug spray wasn’t helping. It was time for a new solution.

Turning on a ThermaCell is the answer. You can get a mobile belt clip on unit or a Lantern Style. These units operate by using a propane cartridge and a mosquito repellant wafer. When the wafer is heated, an invisible bubble of protection is formed. On this day, I had the ThermaCell camp light, back in the tent. We grabbed it and returned to fishing. I ignited the ThermaCell unit and “Squitos Be Gone!” There was no need for the battery-operated lantern light until later that evening.

This unit also works great in the tent, camper, patio, or afield. When hunting sika deer in Maryland’s eastern shore swamps, ThermaCells are the only way to survive. Get yours at Bob Wards or other hardware and outdoor sport shops.

Enjoy a Mosquito free outing!

Montana Grant

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