Lolo National Forest has some July 4 reminders
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: July 1, 2020

MISSOULA, Mont. – The Fourth of July is an excellent time to get outside with family and
friends and recreate. While enjoying the forest, please recreate responsibly to ensure the safety
of yourself, family, and local communities. For a fun and safe recreational experience this Fourth
of July, here are a few additional tips:

• Exercise caution with campfires: To date this season, firefighters have responded to 23
small wildfires which have burned just over 11 acres within the Lolo National Forest
protection area (22 human-caused and 1 lightning strike). While firefighters have
successfully contained and controlled these small incidents, the potential for a wildfire
to start still exists. Warmer and drier conditions are expected to occur toward the end
of the week and into the weekend. Remember to never leave a campfire unattended
and make sure your coals are cool to the touch before you leave.

• Fireworks are prohibited on National Forests year-round: No fireworks of any kind may
be discharged anywhere within the Lolo National Forest, at any time.

• Camping and Rentals: Camping and rentals are open for use! Please be aware that
rentals and lookouts will not be cleaned in between use. For more information on cabin
and lookout reservations visit

• Food Storage: The Lolo National Forest is in bear country. Please remain bear aware and
properly store your food. Food, carcasses, and attractants must be stored in a bearresistant container or stored in a bear-resistant manner if they are unattended. In the
front country (most of the Forest), these same items must also be properly stored in
camp at night, unless they are being consumed, prepared for transport or storage.

• Know Before You Go: Check in with the local Ranger Station for an update on current
conditions. Be prepared for changing weather and remain cautious around flowing
waters, especially at creek crossings.

• Be a good steward: Practice stewardship and Leave No Trace. Reference Leave No Trace
recommendations for getting outside during COVID-19. Pack out garbage, be
considerate of other visitors, and give wildlife plenty of space.
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