By Montana Grant

Posted: September 19, 2020

Who does not like pie? It takes a tad longer to make a great pie, but rarely does it go stale or get wasted. We all have our favorite pie, but Pumpkin is now in season.

When I planted my Spring garden, I noticed a volunteer plant come up. I knew it was squash, but … As the plant grew, I discovered that the volunteer was a Pumpkin Plant. My guess is that it started from last falls pumpkins that went into the mulch bin. The mulch then went into the garden and Tah Dah, I have a Pumpkin Plant. Several perfect pumpkins were the result.

There are many recipes for Pumpkin Pie but the best one was recently posted on Facebook. This is a perfect way to display a recipe.

Using fresh pumpkin is a great way to make a delicious scratch pie. You can also make a pumpkin pie using already prepared can mixes. You can bake pies at home, on a grill, or in a campfire Dutch Oven.

Crusts are easier than ever using premade crusts from the store. Real bakers prepare their own crusts. Pumpkin Pies are wonderful all year around. Add a dollop of ice cream or some whip and all is right with the world.


Montana Grant

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