Fort Owen State Park is closed for site planning and improvements
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: October 14, 2020

STEVENSVILLE – Fort Owen State Park near Stevensville is temporarily closed while planning for
site improvements and construction takes place.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is working through the final steps for acquiring just under one
acre of land adjacent to the state park. This addition will provide improved public access,
parking to accommodate individuals and larger groups, and clearer separation of park property
from neighboring private lands.
During the park closure, FWP will first conduct an inventory of cultural resources that will
inform the design of a new parking area and other improvements. When this work and planning
is complete, the draft development proposal will be available for public review.
The park will remain closed until construction is complete, likely sometime in the summer of
2021. FWP appreciates the public’s understanding and tolerance for this temporary closure.
For questions and updates, contact Park Manager, Maci MacPherson at 406-273-4253.