By Montana Grant

Posted: October 3, 2020

Accuracy takes practice. The more trigger time you have the better shot you will become.

Shooting is a perishable skill. Without routine practice, you will lose the feel for the trigger and recoil. If you cannot make it to the range, set up a range in your yard. Check the covenants to make sure you are legal first. Now add some hanging cans or targets in front of a decent backstop. Decent means that it will stop the projectile. I am not talking about powder rounds but instead practice with an air rifle.

Air rifles commonly shoot at 1000 feet per second. Get one with a scope and use this rifle to practice with. If you are shooting iron sights, then use iron sights on the air rifle.

Now I know that an air rifle does not have the power of your 300 Win Mag. The rifle does have a trigger, safety, stock, and feel of a heavier rifle. Accuracy is about muscle memory, breathing, and hand to eye control. Whether you are shooting a Bazooka or a BB gun, the routine is the same.

A proper shooting bench is a great advantage, especially when sighting a rifle or gun in. The Spool Bench in the picture is a wonderful and simple way to build a sturdy and mobile bench. Be careful when cutting the top due to staples and metal pieces. You can stain or paint the bench when you are done.

Sighting in requires several identical shots, trigger pulls, aim points, and support. The bench provides this. Using a Lead Sled or sandbags will help you get a perfect shot every time. The rifle will be accurate even if the shooter is not experienced.

Shooting with support sticks or tripods is great afield but not ideal for sighting in. You certainly want to practice with your shooting support gear.

More Trigger Time = More filled tags.

Montana Grant

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