By Montana Grant

Posted: October 8, 2020

Strippers have flooded the watersheds of Montana. Lakes and rivers have become perfect places to Strip!

I am talking about some of the sexiest fishing of the year. No, you don’t have to take off your clothes to do it! It is Streamer stripping time! Brown trout are spawning. Other trout and fish are feeding heavily for the winter. Cooler waters means more action.

Fly fishing streamers is fun and exciting. First. Cast your streamer into the water. Grab the line and begin to strip! The line not your outfit! Sounds simple enough but…

Most strippers are doing it wrong. Here are some tips to help you strip better!

A proper strip changes is different in different situations.  Moving and dead water means a different presentation.

Stripping is work! Casting big flies with big rods and stripping the line requires way more motion than floating a dry fly or drifting a nymph. The fisherman must work the rod and fly constantly.

Think about how the streamer looks and moves under the water. Now make the strip sexy and exciting.

               Keep you eyes on the action. Watch the line and area where you are stripping. You may see a fish chasing or reacting to your fly. Now adjust the speed and action to entice a strike.

Keep the tip of your rod in the water when stripping. This will help you control the line, see, and feel the strike, and set the hook.

Know how deep you need to be. Add weight to get deeper and slower. If you are getting snagged, you added too much weight. Most strikes are deeper.

               Sharpen your hooks. Streamers will constantly strike rocks and structure. A sharp hook means more hook ups.

A longer, stiffer rod helps! Flimsy, short rods will set the hook slower and strip more impotently. You want a rod that can throw a heavier streamer and make it work. The longer the lever, or rod, the bigger the fish you can handle.

Not all strippers are created equal!

Montana Grant

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