By Montana Grant

Posted: December 19, 2020

We all celebrate Christmas with a display of Dear Deer decorations. The images of deer, antlers, or Santa being drawn by a herd of reindeer is everywhere. Even non-hunters love the images and symbols of our Dear Deer.

In Montana Grant’s home, our Dear Deer end up with a Santa hat on their heads. Maybe a Christmas bulb or two dangles from their antlers. In the Yard, Santa is in the bow of my canoe with a Timber Deer driving from the back. Strings of lights mimic water and waves. Santa’s rod, line and body are lit up along with a massive trout.

Deer are synonymous with the Holiday season. All antlered beasts, that are in our homes, become targets for decorations. These wonderful wall hangers are more than just a head with antlers. They are more than Bragging rights for a hunter’s ego. These trophies symbolize a moment when the hunter made the right choice, at the right, moment, with the skill to back it up. Wall hangers are memorials for these wonderful creatures and the memories.

Holiday Bucks remind us of our old friends, camps, and moments in time. They become part of our families. At Christmas, they get a makeover and join in the festivities. They may also become part of the menu each season. Some get nicknames. The harvest was also about the food.

When decorating your Dear Deer, remember to be respectful and tasteful. Not everyone is a hunter and understands.

Enjoy the harvest and holiday season!

Montana Grant

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