By Montana Grant

Posted: December 20, 2020

The Pandemic has been rough on all of us. At least it gives us an excuse to social distance outdoors. My fishing Buddy Darryl, aka Triple D, has been sick, working, and quarantining way too much. It was time for a cure.

We hooked up to tackle some ice fishing on Hyalite Lake. It had been a long time since Triple D had been fishing with Montana Grant. This appointment was way overdue. We made sure that we had separate baits and gear, so we did not have to touch. Our ice holes were more than six feet apart. The high mountain cold air and breeze kept the viruses dispersed and at bay.

Fishing had been consistent, so we were ready for some tight lines and screaming reels. The ice was 7-8 inches thick with a few inches of snow atop. Weekend crowds were also well spaced. Most ice fishermen were in enclosed tents. Indoor fishing could be risky. Outdoor fishing, in the open air, means less chance of spreading germs.

Fishing was quick and lively. Our doses of this great remedy were taken completely. Both of us stayed busy catching fish and injecting stories with no side effects. Fingers and toes stayed warm thanks to the steady action. We had little time for snacks or breaks. This was the perfect problem, and medicine, to have.

Social distancing with great friends is a sure cure whether you catch fish or not. The Brook and Cutthroat trout that we iced would make for healthy and tasty meals. Fresh fish is just what the Doctor ordered.

Our complete recovery may take a few more trips to the lake!

Montana Grant

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