Flathead Valley Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter – 2.5.21
By angelamontana

Posted: February 9, 2021

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Bitterroot Lake
Has ice on the south end; about 5in. Kokanee fishing good out in 60 to 80 feet of water. Doing well on the North End. Good ice on it there. Also getting lots of Kokanee and some nice Rainbows.

Ashley Lake
The whole lake is frozen from the shorelines 5-6in. Kokanee fishing good, lots of fish in that 8 to 12 in. Most guys are getting limits. Some occasional nice Rainbows and Cutthroat also.

McGregor Lake
Sounds like about 5in ice on the lake. Have been a few people getting out in the deeper water catching lots of smaller lake trout.

Thompson Chain of Lakes
8in ice on Upper and Middle. Good numbers of large Kokanee being caught. Also a few big jumbo Perch and good numbers of smaller Pike in the bays.
Lower Thompson – 10 in ice. Some nice Kokanee being caught on the East End. Also, lots of smaller perch, a few Rainbows and Browns and some Pike in bays.

Lake Mary Ronan
Good fishing for lots of nice 8 – 12in Perch. Kokanee fishing has still been a little slow. Sounds like there is about 8in of good ice on the whole lake. Do not forget about Snappy’s FREE Family Fishing Derby on February 13th out of Mountain Meadows Resort.

Swan Lake
South End has 4-5in ice. Good numbers of Lake Trout and a few Pike being caught. Not sure about the ice on the rest of the lake.

Island Lake
Lots of good ice. Plenty of filet size Perch in the 7 – 10in range with occasional Pike.

Blanchard Lake
8 to 10 in ice with lots of small Crappie, Sunfish and Perch with the occasional big Pike.

Echo Lake (near Bigfork)
6in ice. Good numbers of Kokanee out in the main Lake. Lake Superior Whitefish mixed in and some good Smallmouth Bass with the occasional big Pike coming out of there.

Beaver Lake
Limits of smaller Kokanee being caught and occasional nice Rainbows. Some of the other lakes around there also showing good numbers of nice Rainbows being caught. (Murray Lake and Dollar Lake)

Dickey Lake
5in good ice. Big Kokanee up to 15in being taught with the occasional Rainbow.

Church Slough
About 5in ice. Good numbers of Pike being caught in the 3 – 10lb range. Lots of small Perch and a few Crappie.


(feature photo via NPS/Jacob W. Frank)