Power Outage Cause due to Electrocuted Bobcat

A couple of years ago, in July of 2017, Chris Oliv

Bobcat Season to Close in District 5

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

One dog. One tree. Two bobcats.

Scott Becker, of Whitehall, had a once-in-a-lifeti

Bobcats are tough … [VIDEO]

If you that think bobcats can be overlooked as a p

Bobcat photographed chilling on Bridge in Sandpoint

Our neighboring state of Idaho posted on Facebook

Montana Squirrel Catcher [VIDEO]

If you want to learn how to catch a squirrel, mayb

Region 2 Bobcat Season To Close

Once the season quota has been met or is predicted

Archery Hunter Surprised by Bobcat [VIDEO]

Speaking of close encounters… An archery hun

Bobcat Season to Close in Trapping District 1

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Cat Camp (Part 1)

Every hunter with an adventurous spirit has dreame

Bobcat Season Closed in District 3

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Bobcat Lands Huge Salmon

It’s not often that bobcats hunt during the

Trapping Opportunity Expands NH Approves Bobcat Trapping

Trapping and hunting are utilized as wildlife mana

Bobcat Jumps Into Yard, Kills Dog

With humans encroaching on wildlife habitat and

Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Closed in Districts 1 and 2

As it usually happens every year  District 2 clos

Montana Unit 1 Bobcat Hunting & Trapping Status: Closed

With a quota of 275 bobcats available for harvest

Reminder to Bobcat Hunters and Trappers

Just a reminder to resident Montana sportsmen in

Leave N.H. Wildlife Management to the Pros

Its the same old rhetoric everywhere but the messa

Game Cameras Capture Some Awesome Wildlife Footage Along HWY 93

Along highway 93 on the Flathead Indian Reservati

The Bobcat and The Fawn

The following pictures were posted by Sageline Out

Two Big Kitties! [VIDEO]

There is something absolutely amazing about this f

Bobcat Quota’s Met In All of Western Montana

Montana’s bobcat season west of the divide is cl

Hunter Captures Awesome Wildlife Footage While in Tree Stand [VIDEO]

A Wisconsin hunter was in his tree stand back in N

Trapper Captures Young Bobcat Footage after Releasing It

Montana trapper, Guy Kempthorne, is taking full ad

Bobcat Tracks in Snow

Easily recognizable by the round appearance with n