Montana Youth Elk – Ben’s First Elk – “One More Mile”

A Montana Outdoor Radio Show listener recently sen


Montana Youth Elk – Nate’s First Elk

A listener of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, rece

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Asian Elk Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

If you are getting tired of the same recipes you&#

elk cow silhouette

Elk Capture and Brucellosis Testing

BILLINGS — Wildlife biologists captured 94 elk i

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Tribal Hunters Around Yellowstone Turn Their Sites to Elk

Bison around the Yellowstone Gardiner area been h


Attention Deer and Elk Hunters – Deadline Aproaching


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FWP Commission Approves Antlerless Elk Shoulder Seasons

During the meeting to discuss the elk shoulder sea

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Possible Wolf Preying on Elk Herd Close to Missoula

The photos in this article were taken by Brian No


Putting Meat On Montana Tables Through Elk Damage Hunts

Lance Jones didn’t fill his elk tag during t

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Recipe for Elk Tongue Tacos

Are you an adventurous eater, but don’t par

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Two Massive Bull Elk Tangled up in Each Other’s Antlers and Wire

We aren’t sure where this video takes place,


This Is Not the Elk’s Lodge…or Is It?

If you’re wondering how some elk in Idaho st

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Train Near Helena Wipes Out Herd of Elk

Sad news Thursday morning as an eastbound train ne


Hunting Meetings Set by FWP in Northeast Montana

The rules and regs for the upcoming two years will

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Coordinators for Shoulder Season Elk Hunters Take Christmas Holiday Off

The state hunting coordinators in White Sulfur Spr


Further Restrictions Proposed for Elk Hunters Near YNP

Elk numbers and in particular bull numbers have su


Elk Shoulder Season Questions Answered

The phone lines are exploding at the FWP office in


Opening Up Elk Shoulder Seasons

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is proposing to j


Elk Shoulder Season Generates Lots of Interest

Right now, it seems every elk hunter in Montana an

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Record Elk Harvest in Ennis Area, Region 3 Results

Closing General Season Weekend Mixed – Record El

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Numbers Slightly Up From Last Year in West-Central Montana

Deer, Elk Season Ends Slightly up from Last Year i

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Hunter and Harvest Numbers Up in Region 5

Hunter numbers strong, harvest up as 2015 season e