Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report for the Week of 5.30.16

Canyon Ferry: Rainbow trout anglers continue to do


Lake Trout and Salmon Bite on Fort Peck

Trolling on the face of Fort Peck dam was producti


The Captain Travels to Idaho for King Salmon!

While some people are going to bed at 3:00 a.m., o

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Giant Heron Spears and Swallows Large Catfish Whole

Human Fishing is one thing, but watching an animal

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Final Results for the Top Teams of the 2016 Fresno Walleye Challenge

Congratulations to Phil and Kim Kumm for taking ho

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2016 Fresno Walleye Challenge – Day 1 Leaders

Here are the top 5 teams from day one of the Fresn


Angler Catches King Salmon on Fort Peck While Fishing for Walleye

   Matt Gonzalez from Buffalo, WY.   was fi

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Captain and Downrigger Find It All AT RCM!

  This week the Captain’s and my advent


Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 5.16.16

The spring weather means you should stay aware. Th


Piking the Peck — with the Captain and Downrigger Dale

Walleye fishing was okay for Downrigger Dale and t

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Big Fish for a Small Pond

Sometimes the big fish aren’t always in the

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The Captain’s Favorite Walleye Setups

With full on walleye season just around the corner


Mountain Lake Fishing is in Full Swing

Rowdy Rob and company hiked into Heart Lake outsid


Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report for the Week of 5.9.16

Canyon Ferry:  Rainbow trout continue to be on th

5-4-16 10 lb. 1 oz. walleye (2)

Fort Peck Walleye – Myron’s Big Walleye

Walleye bite appears to be on at Fort Peck..Myron


Reports of a Record Smallmouth on Flathead

Details are still emerging. An angler caught a new

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How to Get a Hook Out of Your Finger

Whether it’s a small fly or a large treble h

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Drone Fishing For Tuna

We’ve posted drone fishing videos before of

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Friday Fishing Funnies Video – Stereotypes

We all have friends that do one of these stereotyp

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Crazy Russian Man Catches Fish with His Man Parts – Not Recommended

Check out this video of a Russian Man fishing nake


Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report for the Week of 4.25.16

Canyon Ferry:  Rainbow trout continue to cruise s


Bitterroot Fishing Billboard Gets Corrected

For anyone who has made the trip on HWY 93 S, you


Laker and salmon are biting on Fort Peck

Bill Zahradka from Wolf Point  sent us a e-mail w


Standing Wave Technique for Removing Snags

So far this season, I have had lost a ton of money