Register for game damage roster starting June 15

Hunters interested in participating in “game

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With so many options to hunt in Montana, it is som

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There are hunting products on the market aimed a

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In a few select areas just west of Montana the I

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The Phantom Gobbler (by Brett French)

Turkey hunting is about as close as you can get to

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Opening day of turkey season in Kansas went horrib

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There are so many hunting stereotypes–that r

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We recently got introduced to Bruce Hancock, the c

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March 4, 2017 – Three days of summer fun …. in

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You might remember the little girl (pictured on th

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After 7 years of trying, Jim Willard from Helena w

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This is something not many people will ever see or

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We have ourselves a new director of the Montana Fi

New Bill Will Allow Hunters to Wear Pink if Passed

As of now, hunters are required to wear 400 square

Reminder: New Archery Requirements in MT

This year, hunters will be required to purchase a

Helena Recreation Report Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors

Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 2.3.17

Hunting:  It’s a new year and winter will be ov

Wolf Harvest Update as of 1.22.17

As of January 22,2017, the total wolf harvest in M

Bitterroot Lady Bags First Elk

Kari Anderson had never shot a gun before last sum

Cat Camp (Part 1)

Every hunter with an adventurous spirit has dreame

Montana Wolf Hunting Harvest Update as of 1.2.17

Happy New Year! Montana wolf hunters and trappers

699 Tag Shoulder Season Success!

Cory Baisch and Eric Renzfold, from Sidney, along