A basic survival shelter.

The Seven Rules of Survival For Hunters

What happens when your headlamp goes out, it’s d


This 102 Year-Old Can Hunt Quite Well

Just because you’re 102 years-old doesn̵

The Invisible Bar of Soap

Hunting season is coming and hunters everywhere ar

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Elk Shoulder Season Just a Couple Weeks Away

Hunting season may seem like it is months away, bu


Time to Buy a New Freezer: Random Thoughts by Angela Montana

Back when I first started hunting, I shot a cute

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Register NOW for Women’s Hunter Education Field Day

Boone and Crocket is attending the 10th Annual, &#


A Horrifyingly True Hunting Story

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened

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Washington Man Sentenced to Prison Time for Killing Montana Grizzly Bear

In Helena, a judge sentenced a Washington man to s


John Locke and “Tank” the Bear

 I killed this bear on 16 May 16. Beautiful Choco


“Hey Bear, Get Out of Here”

How close have you been to a grizzly bear?  A hun

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Hunting Applications for Moose, Sheep, Goat & Bison Due May 2nd

The deadline to apply for Moose, Sheep, Goat and B

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Hellgate Hunters and Anglers Annual Party This Saturday

The Annual Wild Night for Wildlife party is this S


Anti-Hunter Harasses Bird Hunters [VIDEO]

Anti-hunters seem to never get tired of harassing


Will Smoking While Hunting Scare the Deer?

We have a good friend who smokes…a lot.  Th

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Hunter and Bowhunter Education Spring Courses

It’s that time of year to get the youngsters


7 Reasons Women Need to Go Hunt by Themselves (by Skye Goode)

Here is some information that a trapper out of Wis


Fox Saves Stranded Hunter

A polar bear hunter in his 70s from Sanikiluaq, Nu


Which Hunting Stereotype are You?

There are tons of hunting stereotypes out there

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Changes to Montana Hunting Seasons Now Available for Public Comment

Below is a schedule of public meetings where you c


Flu Flu Arrows Shotguns and Geese

“Ok, lets fling arrows until the quivers em


Throwback Thursday: hunting in 1902

  Hunting is a part of Montana’s histor


Eryn White Scores Double Whammy for the Season!

Eryn White from Missoula shot this buck deer and e


Huntress Nun Takes Perfect 5×5 Whitetail!

Genesis 27:3 states “Now therefore, please t


Waterfowl Hunting Heating Up As Temps Drop

  As the cold winter weather wraps Montana in


Youth Hunter Maddie Spear Shoots Elk!

Maddie Spear bagged this elk over by Gardiner, Mon