Community Effort Set to End Wild Turkey Feeding


RED LODGE – Though Red Lodge city ordinances prohibit people from feeding wild animals, some residents continue to supply food for a flock of wild turkeys. The result is an unnatural, unhealthy concentration of turkeys in town. City officials are asking all Red Lodge residents to help disperse the turkeys into a more natural setting by […]

Spring Turkey Success: Captain’s Column (4.17.14)


Last Saturday turkey hunters headed out to celebrate the opening of the 2014 spring turkey season in Montana. It was a beautiful sunshine morning, and, according to some reports that I received, the turkeys were out and going nuts. Shawn Plakke and his son, Orion, from Superior were two of those hunters enjoying the hunt. […]

Spring Male Turkey Season Just Around the Corner


Montana’s spring male turkey hunting season begins April 12 this year. Turkey hunters can purchase a turkey license in a general area at FWP offices, license providers or online. The application deadline for western Montana’s spring gobbler season permits has passed. The 2014 spring turkey regulations, with details on turkey hunting in the general area, […]

Wild Turkey and Motorcycles Do Not Mix…


We have all most likely seen videos of wildlife chasing people in cars, particularly on motorcycles, like the bull elk in Ovando last Fall, and turkeys are no exception to being finicky about who they share oxygen with….  At least the wild turkey in the video footage taken from the northeast is not an exception–and I’m not talkin […]

10 Fun Facts About Wild Turkeys


The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is an instantly recognizable bird whether it is in the field or on the table, but how much do you really know about these uniquely North American birds? 1. Wild turkeys were honored by both the Aztecs and the Mayans, often with special religious ceremonies. 2. The wild turkey was nearly extinct in the […]

Few Fall Turkey Surplus Permits Available


Some over-the-counter surplus licenses for deer B, elk B and fall turkey permits are still available in a few areas. Surplus licenses are those still remaining after Montana’s recent special hunting license or special permit drawing. The left-over licenses or permits are sold on a first-come first-served basis. “B” licenses are for hunting antlerless deer […]

Fall Turkey Applications Due by July 25th


Hunters planning to pursue wild turkeys in parts of western Montana this fall must apply for a special permit by July 25. The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission will consider final fall turkey permit quotas at its July 10 meeting in Helena. Here are the proposed limited permit areas, season dates, and mail-in application information […]

Sixth Grader Bags his first Turkey during his first Turkey Hunting Season

BeFunky_ATTG1D6K (1).jpg

(photos courtesy of Tom Severson)   Twelve year-old Sam Severson, of Missoula, got his first turkey during his first turkey hunting season this year! Sam bagged his big tom up Lolo Creek with a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun that he won at a NWTF Missoula Longspurs turkey banquet.  His turkey sports an 11.5″ beard, 1″ spurs […]

Elk Traffic Jam and Bear Attacks, What a Week! Here is Your MORS Weekly Wrap Up


Spring is slow to arrive around Montana and with every promising sunny warm day comes a two to three day stretch of snow flurries and overcast skies. But as true outdoorsmen, a little unpredictable weather doesn’t stop us from enjoying what we love. Anglers are hoping for a bit warmer weather to enhance  conditions but […]

FWP Reports “Turkey Hunter Encounters Grizzly east of Kalispell”


(photo courtesy of A turkey hunter encountered a grizzly bear adult and two grizzly yearlings in the area of the Creston National Fish Hatchery east of Kalispell this morning.  The hunter was walking along, and spotted a deer carcass.  He heard something and looked up to see a grizzly charging him at close range.  […]

Butte/Bozeman Recreation Report by Bob Ward & Sons – 4.12.13


(photo courtesy of Bozeman Fishing The anglers are reporting faster waters and more color from the snow melt stirring things up. The Upper Madison is getting good reports with using a stone fly nymph trailing a midge larva or bead head nymphs. Don’t forget we’re still in the beginning of the Blue Winged Olives […]