Recipe: Creamy Bacon Macaroni and Cheese with Pheasant


In my household, macaroni and cheese is always on top of the list of requests for dinner…and lunch…and even sometimes breakfast, so I’m always looking for ways to change up the recipe.  I recently came across the following recipe that is PERFECT for bird hunters, as it calls for pheasant meat to be added…oh, and […]

Pheasant And Rice Bisque


What you need. Two tablespoons butter or margarine One cup chopped onions One cup chopped carrots Three cloves fresh garlic-minced Eight ounce fresh button mushrooms – chopped with stems Quarter teaspoon white pepper Quarter teaspoon black pepper – course Salt to taste One pheasant- deboned and cut into small pieces One cup brown and wildeboned […]

Pheasant Salad Italiano

What you need. Two pheasant – boned and sliced Half teaspoon powdered garlic Half teaspoon paprika Half teaspoon black pepper Two tablespoon olive oil for frying Two tablespoon olive oil (for the pizza crust) One large Boboli pizza crust (or other prepared pizza crust} Two tablespoon Parmesan cheese Four oz. shredded Mozzarella cheese One (2 […]