Antelope, or “Stink goat”, is a strong-tasting

I can feel it …. [VIDEO]

Just a chuckle..if ya haven’t seen it yet.

MT Ranked #2 for most likely deer collision

Brodie Hurtado, a State Farm Insurance agent, rece


Crock pot cooking is simple and tasty! Whether usi


Here is a good preseason project that hunters can

Elk B and Deer B Results are in…

Be sure to check out the results if you put in for

Whitefish resident photographs albino fawn at GNP

According to an article in Hungry Horse News, Lau

Apply Until June 29 for Marias River WMA Deer Hunt

Deer hunters, who want to hunt the Marias River Wi


Pruning shears are a great tool to carry afield. C


One hunt that would make Montana more exciting is

REMINDER: March 15th Deadline for Deer/Elk Permit Applications

We know we have reminded you already, but if you&#

How Far Would You Go? [VIDEO]

What are your thoughts on these guys?  Are you al

Tips on Aging Whitetail Bucks – On-the-Hoof

Aging whitetail bucks is something you can do on-t

Hunter Kills Deer with a Missed Shot [VIDEO]

Keith Warren decided to hunt whitetail on a manage

More Info Regarding CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease is a topic among FWP offic

Achoo! Said the Deer [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a deer sneeze?  Or even better

Deer are….Sheep [VIDEO]

Look at this.  There is proof that not only some

Swan Valley produces a nice Whitey Buck

Scott Arnold bagged this nice Swan Valley whitetai

Up The Challenge and the Fun With A Muzzleloader

Muzzleloader hunting adds enjoyment to the hunt. I

CWD sample comes back suspect, 2nd sample submitted

A chronic wasting disease sample collected by Mont

Whitey vs. Muley…sort of [VIDEO]

Whitetail and muleys are quite different, but Mont

Feel Good Video of the Day

With all of the crazy political stuff going on tod

Eerie Scene Captured Underwater In Colorado

These photos were taken by a couple people who wer