Montana Hunting and Fishing Report 11/22/14

We are in the seventh inning stretch of the 2014 hunting season. It is “crunch” time for

Squirrel Tail (2)

Birds Of Prey Eat Well

While hunting with a Friend last week we came upon a piece of a squirrel tail laying on top of our t


Top Scoring Youth Hunter Rewarded With First Elk

In coopeation with the Montana FWP the CB Ranch in Darby, Montana offers the opportunity for youth w

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Bitterroot Deer Hunter Arrows Monster Whitetail

Chris Auch is having a phenomenal hunting season this year.  Last week he shot a huge mule deer wi

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Listen to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show TOMORROW and WIN!!

Not like you need ANOTHER reason to listen to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show on Saturday mornings, b

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Kick Off Your Friday by Tuning into Hunters Breakfast with the Captain TODAY!

Tune into Hunters Breakfast with the Captain for the latest in fishing and hunting reports for Weste

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Montana Hunter Finds Success During Weekend Elk Hunt

James Lloyd hunting with Wade Johnson on Sunday had a successful elk hunt near Helena.  Congratulat

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The Buck Stopped Here…

Not all traffic stops involve people in Ohio.  Check out the unusual behavior of this beautiful buc

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Wardens Investigate Headless Deer Case on Tongue River Road

MILES CITY — Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are offering a reward for information

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Wolves Eat Buck Alive [VIDEO]

Here is some footage of wolves in action in Alberta while eating a buck alive. What are your thought

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How to Form a Hunting Club: Brett French Radio Show Preview

When Rick Cope decided he needed a much larger decoy spread, he talked to his friends about forming

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Montana Father and Son Hunters Bag Nice Bulls this Season!

Father and son from Jordan Montana ended up having one heck of a elk hunting season. Casey Thomas,

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