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Tune into Catchin the Big Ones with the Captain for the latest in fishing reports for Western and Central Montana this Friday morning from 8-9am on KGVO 1290am/101.5fm in Missoula. You can also listen on line http://newstalkkgvo.com/listen-live/popup/. The show is broadcast live from Paradise Falls on the” Banks of Brooks” in Missoula Bill Brown from Bob […]

GORP Recipe – A Little More Than Good Old Raisins and Peanuts


GORP-and acronym for Good Old Raisins & Peanuts, or trail mix. Trail mix is considered an ideal snack food for hikes, because it is lightweight, easy to store, and nutritious, providing a quick energy boost from the carbohydrates in the dried fruit or granola, and sustained energy from fats in nuts. The basic idea is […]

Blue Heron Takes Charge of Wildlife Management


Jessie Garza, of south-central Washington, noticed this blue heron had been hanging around their yard and the neighbors’ yards for the past few days before posting this video on July 9th, and you will see what the bird was after when you watch the video, that has gone viral, below. I know I can think of a few places […]

Dishin’ About Fishin’: Captain’s Column (7.17.14)


In Western Montana, most rivers are still running above their normal flows for this time of the year, but their flows are coming down. The fishing, as you might expect, is also improving daily on the rivers.  Here is a river and lake fishing report that was sent in to me by JohnPerryFlyfishing.com. “Blackfoot River […]

Exploring the Pintlers from Ten Feet Tall…(Okay, Maybe Eight Feet)

Berny - Pintler Wilderness

Preparing to camp with horses has been a fun learning curve for Berny Croy, of Missoula.  Horses need 15-25 gallons of water a day, sometimes more depending on the weather and other factors, and making sure you and your horses have everything needed for a camping trip can be a lot of work. The Pintler Wilderness was an […]

Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 7.14.14


Please be advised weather is changing constantly and some days wind can be a factor. High water conditions are dangerous as Spring weather is unpredictable and the run off is treacherous.   Enjoy yourself but remember alcohol alters your judgment so use it sparingly while enjoying the outdoors. Keep an eye on the weather while […]

Team Fate Outdoors: Montana Predator Management & Wildlife Conservation


Predator management is essential in Montana and everywhere there are predators.  That is life, and whether the anti-sportsman extremists like it or not–people are here and we are not going anywhere.  So, it is our responsibility to manage wildlife in our beautiful state as we encroach on their habitats with building sites, the construction of […]

Huge Eagle Nest Moved to Safety by Good Samaritans


How do you move a 200-pound bald eagle’s nest and why would you?  Well, one reason, specifically in a recent situation in Texas, there was an eagle next that was too close to a high voltage area of a transmission tower, and some groups and individuals worked together to ensure the eagles would remain safe by […]

Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 11th Annual Shooter’s Wekeend Date Set!

bobward_shooters_deal copy

MISSOULA – Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors’ 11th Annual Shooter’s Weekend will be held on August 2nd and 3rd. Proceeds from the shooting demo this year will benefit Operation Valor. Bob Ward’s has teamed up with several of the top brands in hunting and shooting to raise funds for Operation Valor, whose mission is to […]

Fishing Limits Removed Temporarily at Two Montana Lakes


Fishing Limits Removed Temporarily at Camas Lake The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved removing the angling creel limits in Camas Lake effective immediately through Aug. 3. Camas Lake is 19 miles west of White Sulphur Springs in the Big Belt Mountains of the Helena National Forest. The lake is the headwaters of Big Camas […]

Wild and Crazy! (by Montana Grant)


It is important to LIVE our lives! It is fine to test our limits but make sure that you are always prepared for an emergency. Swimming, hiking, camping, boating, and outdoor adventure are incredible adrenaline rushes that can quickly turn deadly. As a Boy Scout Scoutmaster and teacher, I needed to anticipate, plan, and prepare […]

Anti-Sportsmen Are Angered Over Famous Director’s Triceratops Hunt


With all the controversy involving Kendall Jones, of Texas, and now other women huntresses around the world, and their African safari hunting photos that they posted on Facebook, sometimes the anti-sportsmen Facebook activists surprise me…even when I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Have you seen this picture circulating around the world wide web, that was originally posted by Jay Branscomb, […]

Camp Mak-A-Dream Walleye Benefit at Canyon Ferry in August


The Camp-Mak-a-Dream Walleye Benefit will be held at Canyon Ferry August 2, 2014.  This event donates all proceeds to the camp.  This event  encourages family and friends to fish for the biggest walleye in a relaxed  atmosphere. It’s  other focus is to encourage families to experience the  fun of the outdoors.  Cost is $60 per boat with […]

Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report for the Week of 7.14.14


Canyon Ferry:  Rainbow trout continue to be caught throughout the reservoir. Shoreline anglers are doing well using worms and/or marshmallows at traditional access points. Boat anglers are catching some rainbows trolling attractors, tipped with worms, in 20-25 feet of water. The walleye bite has been consistent throughout the reservoir.  Anglers are doing well trolling in 8 […]

Single Mom Facing Three Years in Prison for Not Knowing Gun Laws


According to a recent post on my9nj.com, a single mom in Pennsylvania, Shaneen Allen, got her concealed carry permit, per the advice of a family member, after being robbed twice over the course of a year.  One week after she bought a handgun, she was pulled over in New Jersey for a minor traffic violation.  Being the […]

What Do Eagles See While they are Flying?


As a kid, you may remember wishing you could fly like the birds..or maybe like Superman…and even as adults, that wish might still linger.  So, for those of you wannabe birds/superheroes, here is an awesome video clip of a camera on an eagle’s back while he soars through the sky.  This is an example of what eagle’s […]

Some Real Expert Firearm and Shooting Advice

Patrick Sweeney

In past posts I have discussed some of the “advice” offered by individuals on outdoor television programs, internet videos, and chat rooms. So many of these self-proclaimed experts spread old wives tales, long held myths, and in many cases, outright prevarications. I have found a few people who are really experts in their fields and […]

Glacier Park: Woman Airlifted to Hospital After Being Swept Down McDonald Creek


A woman visiting Glacier Park fell into McDonald Creek near the upper falls Saturday and was swept downstream by the swift current. In a press release, Glacier National Park officials say that the initial investigation shows a 33-year old woman from Buckley, Washington, was with her husband along McDonald Creek – near the bridge below […]

Montana Walleye Gov Cup: Final Results

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 8.14.14 PM

The Captain, who broadcasted LIVE on location at Fort Peck for the Gov Cup just sent in the leaderboard. 141 teams competed in the 2014 Montana Walleye Governors Cup at Fort Peck Reservoir Friday and Saturday. Top 5 Teams: 1st Place: Jesse and Monica Reuter Sidney, Montana with 44.05 pounds 2nd Place: Kyle Vine from Vita, Montana and […]