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The Incredible Egg Knot For Steelhead

Steelhead require time and effort over fancy flies or lures. Learning how to tie the egg knot will

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Moose Charges Winter Recreationalist [VIDEO]

One winter activity that I took up last year, is snowshoeing. It is a great way to get a whole new p

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Footage Captures Bigfoot Watching Elk Herd [VIDEO]

I have always had a small belief in the existence of Bigfoot, but now I have even more things to thi

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Montana Ducks Unlimited Hosting Moose License Auction

Nov. 4, 2014 – Montana Ducks Unlimited is hosting the 2015 Shiras Moose License Auction. DU recent

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Ice Fishing Report: Perch Fishing Is Very Good on Holter

Captain spoke with Jim Johnson from Hi Country in Lincoln and he said perch fishing over at Holter w

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Hunter Kills Two Wolves with One Shot in Canada [VIDEO]

With the topic of wolves being hot and heavy right now, we wanted to share this incredible footage o

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Wyoming is Off the Hook: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Well, I guess we can’t blame Wyoming and its feedgrounds for our brucellosis problems any more.

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Transform Your Family Photos and Bring the Outdoors Inside – [VIDEO]

If store-bought picture frames bore you, and you are looking at bringing a more outdoorsy look to yo

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How to Clean a Perch in 10 Seconds! [VIDEO]

With all the perch being caught lately, the Captain thought it might be a good idea to share how to

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Winter Sports in High Gear: Captain’s Column (1.22.15)

Winter sports activities are in high gear this time of the year in Montana. Whether you are snowmobi

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How Are YOU Celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day?

It seems there is some type of appreciation day to celebrate everything from a piece of gum all the

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Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 1.19.15

With winter weather here please be aware that it can be unpredictable.  Enjoy yourself but remember

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FWP Issues Fish-Consumption Advisory Below Oil Spill

BILLINGS — Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has issued consumption advisory for fish caught in th

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Close Encounter of the Grizzly Bear Kind….

Just a reminder to everybody that wildlife is wild.  Whether you see deer, wolves, buffalo, elk or

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Super Simple, Super Tasty Crockpot Orange Duck/Goose Recipe

For those successful waterfowl hunters that are looking for a super simple, yet super tasty, method

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12 Year-Old Idaho Girl Reels in World Record Yellow Perch

When 12 year-old Tia Wiese, from Eagle, Idaho, went ice fishing at Lake Cascade with her dad last M

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