World Record 206-pound Albino Catfish Caught & Released in Spain


Just as Captain Ahab had his quest for the great white whale, Moby Dick, this British fisherman had his own quest to capture a different  albino beast; and it took him seven years to do it. The fish was a record breaking 8 foot-long and 206-pound rare albino wels catfish that was pulled from the […]



November marks the 14th anniversary of the Can the Bobcats’ food drive competition. Each year, food banks in Missoula and Bozeman battle it out in conjunction with the annual Brawl of the Wild Griz / Cat football game and raise thousands of pounds of food for hungry families, just in time for the holidays. Last […]

Montana Department of Transportation to Hold Winter Survival Clinic


A winter storm advisory has been issued for most of Western Montana, and it is always this time of year when the unprepared fall into some potentially life-threatening situations outdoors. The Montana Department of Transportation-Aeronautics Division, offers the Surratt Memorial Winter Survival Clinic every year to train for surviving outdoors in such weather. The clinic […]

Bighorn Sheep Season To Close In Hunting District 502


By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission, hunting district 502, which includes portions of Carbon, Park and Stillwater Counties, will be closed to all hunting of bighorn sheep, effective one-half hour after sunset on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. The order halting the hunt came after the pre-established harvest quota for the district had […]

Is Bigfoot Real? Scientists are Saying Maybe!

big foot3

There are some that swear Sasquatch is out there, and then there are the rest of us who mock them. There is even a television series about hunting down this mythic elusive creature. But, respected geneticist, Bryan Sykes, at Oxford University in the U.K. has recently reported a genetic link of the Yeti, or “Abominable Snowman”, […]

Charges Filed in Wildlife Case


On September 27, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Wardens charged four individuals with numerous counts of wildlife violations based on 2012 activities related to whitetail deer poaching near Whitefish. The violations mainly occurred in the Farm to Market Road, Dillon Road and Voerman Road areas. Charges include, but are not limited to, waste of game, […]

Uncontrollable Hunting Excitement: Captain’s Column

I couldn't stop looking at him lol

Hunting is an excitable sport. Some of us admittingly get more excited than others, but all hunters have some level of adrenaline pumping in their veins when the “hunt is on”. Angela Strohmer, from Missoula, most definitely would be on the higher end of the scale. Last week, she set out to bag her first […]

Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 11.11.13


(Report compiled by Carol Henckel) Please be advised that conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on FISHING for current daily information. Weather is changing and some days wind can be a big factor. Keep an eye on the weather while you are out there and […]

Butte Pet Release Clinic to be Held Nov. 21


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Trappers Association will host a pet release clinic on Thursday, Nov. 21, from 7-9 p.m. in the US Forest Service conference room at 1820 Meadowlark Lane in Butte. Like the workshops previously held this year in Bozeman, this clinic will give non-trappers hands-on experience with common traps, […]

Hunters Checkstation Update: Region 3-Harvest Success Up Slightly


Region 3 operated six check stations on the third weekend of the general big game season with harvest success up slightly at most check stations compared to 2012 numbers. When reporting their check station totals, biologists noted that the unseasonably warm temperatures kept game movement to a minimum. The most significant change from week to […]

Hunters Checkstation Update: Region 5-Hunter Success Mixed as Deer Rut Gets Started


BILLINGS — Hunters who stopped at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks check stations in south central Montana over the weekend reported signs that the annual deer rut is starting. The number of animals checked at Laurel, Columbus, Big Timber and Lavina generally was better than the same weekend last year. For the first two weeks […]

Hunters Checkstation Update: Region 2-Hunter Harvest on Par with Last Season


At the midway mark in hunting season in west-central Montana, hunter check station totals show that elk and deer harvest are on par with last season. So far hunters have checked 527 animals, compared to 529 at this point in the 2012 season. Check station tallies show 266 elk harvested, up from 248 last year […]

Hunters Checkstation Update: Region 4-Harvest Continues Below Average


At the end of the third weekend of Montana’s big game general season on the Rocky Mountain Front, elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer harvest numbers continue to be below the 10-year average, a state wildlife biologist says. The numbers were collected at Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ check station in Augusta. “Elk are only about […]