10 Scouting Tips for the Upcoming Archery Hunting Season


This past Sunday, I spent some time scouting for Montana’s upcoming archery season, which opens on September 7th.  There wasn’t much moving, but it was also mid-afternoon by the time we made it out, so I took into consideration the time of day. If you haven’t already been out there scouting your hunting area(s), and […]

Fishing Exercises To Avoid Injury


Have you ever been injured from reeling in a big one? According to  Bassfan.com most fishing injuries aren’t reported. But even the pros experience physical ailments from standing, casting, and of course battling the big guys in the water. Troy Lindner, pro tournament fisher, has put out a series of videos to help anglers avoid […]

Best Outhouse in Bigfork Has a Library!


One of the more unpleasant parts of being an outdoor woman is finding a decent place to take care of business. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across what is arguable the nicest, well-maintained outhouses in Montana. It is located along the hiking trail known as  ”wild mile” in Bigfork, Montana. It is outfitted with […]

Ronan-Pablo Fall Hunter Education Class Announced; Online Registration now Open


Online registration is now open for the Ronan/Pablo hunter education course. Register online at fwp.mt.gov; click Hunter Ed Schedule and follow directions to register. See link below: http://fwp.mt.gov/education/hunter/hunterEd.html Orientation/Registration for the Ronan-Pablo Fall Hunter Education course will be Friday, August 16th, in Room 116 of the Beaverhead Math & Science building on the Salish Kootenai […]

Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 8.9.13


Bozeman MT FWP announced that there will be restrictions on angling times to coolest parts of the day. The affected waters include the upper Big Hole, lower Madison, Smith, Dearborn, and Sun rivers where fishing will be prohibited between 2 p.m. and midnight. Signs explaining the local restrictions will be posted at fishing access sites. […]

What to Eat While You’re Tree Stand Hunting


Have you ever wondered what kind of food to pack with you while you’re out in your tree stand?  I mean, let’s face it…you probably don’t want to bring a turkey dinner with you…or do you? I recently stumbled across a website that gives tree stand hunters some fuel suggestions, keeping in mind the noise-factor […]

Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 8.9.13


Terrestrials are in full swing and should be in your fly box no matter where you are. We’d recommend parachute ants (size 14-16), black beetles (14-16), and hoppers will not be in full bloom until later this month. Missouri River: The Missouri is still fishing well. The fish are getting a bit pickier, but the […]

A Different Way to Fish: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Sean Jansen recently celebrated his 25th birthday by making an unusual trip into Yellowstone National Park. The recent Bozeman arrival decided to take his ocean-going stand-up paddleboard on an excursion from Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake, about a 6 mile trip that goes up the channel that connects the two bodies of water. Normally, SUPs, […]

It’s Fair Time Around Montana!


Few events encompass Montana culture during summer like the fair. Whether it is the fair food, 4-H, or the rodeo, there is something charming about a county fair. The Western Montana fair is currently in Missoula.Here is a line up of other county fairs yet to come around Montana this summer: Glendive, Montana —— Dawson County […]

Missoula Residents Raise Money to Help Provide Hunters with Wolf Tags


The topic of wolves gets Jason Maxwell, along with many other Montana residents, riled up more than anything these days.  Jason, a Montana native, is a hard-core advocate for wolf hunting in Montana, and he and his girlfriend even went so far as to create a Facebook page called Montana Wolf Hunting, which has a current following of just […]

Young Male Grizzly Relocated to the Cabinet Mountains

3 y old male griz to cabinets 2013

A young grizzly bear was relocated last week to the Cabinet Mountains as part of the Cabinet Mountains grizzly bear population augmentation program. FWP captured the 3-yr old sub-adult male grizzly bear in Coal Creek in the Whitefish Range (Flathead National Forest). This bear has no history of conflict with humans and has never been […]

The Fishing Is on Fire at Flathead Lake!

31-incher back in the water

Doug Stewart, from Missoula, joined the Captain on Flathead Lake this past Wednesday. They ended up boating seven fish, with the biggest being a whopping 33-inches and the smallest being 24-inches. The duo fished in 103-109 feet of water off of the Finley Point area and used the whole bait set-up by Zimmer Tackle, while baiting […]

Get Ready for Montana’s Hunting Season: Captain’s Column


The break in the hot dry weather last week was a very welcome change to Western Montana. The cooler daytime temperatures were a friendly reminder that hunting season is nearby. Archery season for antelope, if you were lucky enough to draw a tag starts next week. Bow hunters are starting to practice and in the […]