New Jersey governor announces 2020 is last bear hunting season

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey made an announc

Beware of Grizzly Bears

The sign above was shared with MORS by Robert Reic

Motorcyclist comes across grizzly bear [VIDEO]

Grizzly bears are intimidating as heck when you se

Bear caught, relocated after raiding Ballantine garbage cans

BILLINGS – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks st

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Here is an interesting encounter…. If a bear

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Mineral County Spring Bear Down!

Congratulations to Mark Yurdana of Superior of Min

FWP closes trail in Blackleaf WMA due to bear activity

Bozeman, MT — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park

Congratulations, Will!

Will, from St. Regis, tagged his beauty of a black

Bear charges hunter [VIDEO]

Take a look at how this hunter reacted to being ch

Nice Montana Black Bear by Owner of Linehan Outfitting Company

Tim Linehan, owner of Linehan Outfitting Company i

Housecat scares bear [VIDEO]

We have seen videos of territorial dogs chasing be

FWP Harvest and Reporting Update

With the ongoing need to follow social distancing

Bear Climbs up to top of Osprey Nest [VIDEO]

How high have you seen a bear climb?  Here’

New Reporting Requirements for Bear Hunters

With the ongoing need to follow social distancing

Bears Take Over Workload at YNP [VIDEO]

With non-essential businesses being ordered to clo

How to scare an attacking bear! [VIDEO]

You know how they say to wave your arms and make n

Male bear kills cub with broken legs [VIDEO]

Here is some footage from Texas that is a reminder

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Bears might gain their confidence when they get bi

Bear Found Relaxing like Human on Couch

Sometimes a bear needs a break after digging aroun

Montana Family Bear Hunt [VIDEO]

If you have more than one little one, you can stil

Big Game Hunters Need to Be Bear Aware on Front

Grizzly bear sign on the Rocky Mountain Front has

Bears love beer? [VIDEO]

It turns out that bears like beer…. An artic