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November this year is way different from November

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Last year, on the brink of the 2016 antelope seaso

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Archery season is leading into rifle season here t

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How different was the Captain’s third week i

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The Captain reported a story that was too awesome

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Four years ago, around this time, Bruce Stell was

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Let’s just hope that this winter, we get a t

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If you’re excited about archery season openi

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Back on August 15, 2013, the Captain reported that

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Around this time, five years ago, the Captain didn

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In this week’s THE BEST OF the Captain’

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Approximately four years ago around this time, the

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Around this time, approximately three years ago, t

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Fly fisherman have had a tough go during the month

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The official kick off to summer and the first thre

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Montana’s opening day of fishing officially kick

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With the results coming from the Crooked Creek Wal

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Fishing seminars on lakes and reservoirs are far a

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Back in the year 1975, there were a couple of guys

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Anglers that fish on shore or on a boat in lakes a

Open Water in Montana: Captain’s Column 3.30.17

Open water is now becoming a reality on some lakes

High Water Season: Captain’s Column 3.24.17

Lakes and reservoirs around Montana are slowly beg