Woman cow calls with her voice only….very well [VIDEO]

Elk calling really is an art.  Whether you’

King of the Mountain – Elk Style [VIDEO]

If you have ever wondered if bull elk play the gam

YNP Bull Elk Fight in the River [VIDEO]

Incredible animals.  When you watch bull elk figh

Brett French Presents: Frosty-colored elk are leucistic

There are some odd looking birds and beasts roamin

Good morning from MORS [VIDEO]

We can’t think of a better way to start the

Cow Elk Bugle [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard a cow elk bugle?

Elk Migrate Vertically in Gardiner [VIDEO]

Wow. This is quite a sight.  That looks exhaustin

No brucellosis exposure found in Bangtail Mountains elk

Bozeman, MT — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park

Info Sought on 3 Elk and 9 Antelope Killed Illegally

FWP game wardens are seeking information on three

Two elk found exposed to brucellosis in Ruby Mountains

Joint news release with FWP and Montana Dept. of L

6×7 Bull Elk Trips on Fence and Dies [VIDEO]

This is one of those things that is hard to watch&

Brainworms Deadly for WV Elk

This could get really bad.  Here’s an artic

Bison and Elk Sparring [VIDEO]

That is something you don’t see everydayR

Elk vs. Bear [VIDEO]

Bears might gain their confidence when they get bi

Elk at the Door [VIDEO]

If this footage is real, what do you think it is l

Bull Elk Shot and Found Dead South of Columbia Falls

Montana game wardens are investigating a bull elk

Tom’s 2019 Montana Elk Hunt [VIDEO]

Montana elk hunting success for the 2019 season! A

Hunter Drops Bull Elk at 587 Yards [VIDEO]

What comes to your mind when watching this footage

Elk Herd in Western Montana Footage [VIDEO]

Never gets old.  This is always good to see in Mo

“That Happened!”…..Getting into the elk [VIDEO]

This happened….here is the caption to the vi

Bull Elk Charges Tourist…….Again

Every year in the news….. If it can happen t

Opening Weekend in Mineral County

Mark O’Day called in this tasty young fella