Bull fight! [VIDEO]

This is some pretty awesome game camera footage fr

Elk and dogs playing in yard [VIDEO]

Apparently, elk like to play with some dogs, and s

Thankful on Thanksgiving…for elk!

Adam Kay, of Superior, has a lot to be thankful fo

Elk herd surrounds hunter undetected [VIDEO]

Has this ever happened to you? Chris Burandt of Co

Billings Hunter Bags Bull

Jim Majerus from Billings, while hunting with his

First elk down for Montana hunter

Nick Schnabel is a proud dad!  Here is the messag

Montana Deer Hunter gets Sniffed by Moose [VIDEO]

This would certainly be unexpected… HereR

Elk plays on trampoline [VIDEO]

Don’t think kids (and adults) are the only o

Six cited after hunters fire into elk herd in Meagher County

Some disturbing news from Meagher County via the H

Lewistown Family Had a Great Opening Saturday

Joe Moline from Lewistown shot a very nice bull el

Big ol bull elk and a turkey!

Tanner Yurdana is no stranger to working hard.  A

Bull Elk Bugling in Montana [VIDEO]

Even though we’ve heard it before, and we ju

Bull Elk Up Close and Personal [VIDEO]

How close have you ever watched an elk bugle? Here

Bull elk faceplants representing 2020

A recent Facebook post by the Utah Division of Wil

Father and Son bonding results in deer and elk tagged!

Phllip Curtiss, of Missoula, went out hunting with

Grizzly bear kills bull elk in YNP [Video]

At Yellowstone National Park.. https://youtu.be/Jz

Archery Hunting Elk [VIDEO]

THIS WEEKEND is the opening of Montana’s arc

Big Bulls Battling During the Rut! [VIDEO]

Guess what time it almost is………

Bull Elk Bugling during Rut [VIDEO]


Grizzly bear chases elk at YNP [VIDEO]

Just a Yellowstone grizzly bear looking for calves

Woman cow calls with her voice only….very well [VIDEO]

Elk calling really is an art.  Whether you’

King of the Mountain – Elk Style [VIDEO]

If you have ever wondered if bull elk play the gam

YNP Bull Elk Fight in the River [VIDEO]

Incredible animals.  When you watch bull elk figh

Brett French Presents: Frosty-colored elk are leucistic

There are some odd looking birds and beasts roamin

Good morning from MORS [VIDEO]

We can’t think of a better way to start the