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Elk Shoulder Season Just a Couple Weeks Away

Hunting season may seem like it is months away, bu


Time to Buy a New Freezer: Random Thoughts by Angela Montana

Back when I first started hunting, I shot a cute


A Horrifyingly True Hunting Story

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened


Here’s Something to Pump Up the Elk Hunters [VIDEO]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a

Mule Deer

Are Montana’s Mule Deer Recovering?

After weathering a significant decline in recent y


Missoula to Host ‘Plan to Hunt’ Adult Education Series

            Missoula will host a Plan t

Helena Recreation Report Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors

Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors (6.10.16)

Fishing/Hunting Hunting: Starting June 15-July 15

Helena Recreation Report Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors

Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 6.3.16

Hunting:  Spring Bear is in full swing and wraps


Hunters Bring In Pack of Wolves [Video]

If you have ever been out hunting and come across


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES – Hunter’s Face Ripped Off by Bear

As hunters, we always try to be as prepared as pos


“Hey Bear, Get Out of Here”

How close have you been to a grizzly bear?  A hun

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Hellgate Hunters and Anglers Annual Party This Saturday

The Annual Wild Night for Wildlife party is this S


Anti-Hunter Harasses Bird Hunters [VIDEO]

Anti-hunters seem to never get tired of harassing


Will Smoking While Hunting Scare the Deer?

We have a good friend who smokes…a lot.  Th


It Starts in March (by the Camo Queen)

It Starts in March…SIGH During this time of year


Montana Wolf Hunting Season Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day of Montana’s wolf h


7 Reasons Women Need to Go Hunt by Themselves (by Skye Goode)

Here is some information that a trapper out of Wis


Outdoorsman Calendar (by the Camo Queen)

Winter is coming to an end and the outdoorsman is


Huntin’ with Jack (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Jack was born on April 6, 1930, he left us on Satu


The Two-Faced Mountain Lion!

Some refer to others as “two-faced”, b

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The Captain’s Year In Review: Captain’s Column

It’s the last day of the 2015 and for me it’s


A Christmas Waterfowl Hunting Story

We love reading about other hunters’ hunts&#


Huntress Nun Takes Perfect 5×5 Whitetail!

Genesis 27:3 states “Now therefore, please t

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Nominate Landowners for the “Good Neighbors Award”

If you know a landowner who works with their neig


Opening Day Montana Bison Success!

Here is some awesome footage of ‎Daniel Caricabu