Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Scream [VIDEO]

If you forgot what the sound of a mountain lion sc

MT Sportsman Stalked by Mtn Lion Opening Wkend [VIDEO]

Joe McGillivray, from the Bitterroot valley, is an

Cougar Seeks Education At Washington School, Doesn’t Get Admitted

A mountain lion was poking around Northwest Libert

Teen Kills Cougar After It Killed His Goat

Dalton Streff, a 14-year-old from Pringle, South D

Man Injured from Encounter with Mountain Lion near Libby

On the morning of Saturday May 27, FWP Game Warden

Mountain Lion Retrieving His Stashed Deer Dinner

This video was captured in the mountains of Glenda

Lion Rug Stolen from Wall of Montgomery Distillery

What is wrong with people?  Seriously.  Please s

Eerie Scene Captured Underwater In Colorado

These photos were taken by a couple people who wer

Montana Mountain Lion Hunters Recipe

The first thing to look for in a good recipe is t

Mountain Lion Killed Wednesday Near Missoula School

 A Missoula resident was out on a jog Wednesday a

Mountain Lion and Three Kittens Killed After Killing Two Dogs

One Mountain Lion mama and here three kittens were

Missoula Resident Finds Huge Buck

A Missoula resident was recreating in the Blackfoo

House Camera Catches Mountain Lion Killing Deer at Night

A mountain lion was caught on camera killing a dee

Montana to Change Mountain Lion Management: by Brett French

Montana is on the verge of changing how it manages

Mountain Lion Hunting Closures

The hunting of all mountain lions in southwestern

Mountain Lion Hunting Closures for HD 404, 421, 444, 450 & 132

The hunting of all mountain lions in Montana hunti

Did you draw a Mountain Lion Permit?

Permits for Montana’s 2016-2017 mountain lio

Mountain Lion Cubs on Front Porch

What would you do aside from of course videoing th

The Two-Faced Mountain Lion!

Some refer to others as “two-faced”, b

Facing Your Fears–Or a Mountain Lion…Same Thing

What would you do if you were face to face with a

Face to Face with a Mountain Lion

Some may think that this guy should have gotten on

How a Mountain Lion Takes Down a Buck [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how mountain lions take dow

FWP Embarks on New Mountain Lion Plan

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is developing a

Video Dedicated to the “Love of Running Hounds”

Justin Field, an avid sportsman and creator of th