Montana Fly Fishing Report by Scott Anderson of Montana Fishing Company – 4.12.13


This weekend should be great for fly fishing in Montana.  The Bitterroot River flows have dropped to 699 cfs in Darby.   The river will produce some good fish this weekend with skawla patterns.  I am sure that there will be lots of anglers out.  If you up for wild ride try out the Blackfoot River […]

Fall is Here and the Fish are More Active: Scott Anderson Fishing Report


Fall is here and the rivers are showing the signs. With the days getting shorter and the air and water temperatures getting lower the fish are getting more active. Missoula is not the place to be this week. Smoke has been hazordous for everyone. Montana Fishing Company has been redirecting our guided fly fishing trips […]

Good Dry Fly Action in the Thompson River Report from Montana Fishing Company


All the folks in Thompson Falls, Montana have been waiting on the elusive salmon fly to show itʼs self. We simply need warmer weather. The water temperature is sitting around 45 to 47 degrees. Even though only a few salmon flies have been spotted, the Thompson River is great now for dry fly fishing. I […]

Montana Fishing Company Fly Fishing Report From Tennessee


Montana Fishing Company has headed East to Tennessee this week for some fly fishing in the Great Smokey National Park. With near 90 degree weather in Montana all the snow is melting in the mountains. This means that we will hopefully have our third and final runoff of the season. Fly fishing in Montana should be good this […]

Good Streamer Action on The Yellowstone River and More in the Montana Fishing Company Fly Fishing Report


The BITTERROOT RIVER, located south of Missoula, Montana is coming back into shape. It is down to 2,200 cfs from a whopping 8,000 cfs. Mothers day caddis, skwala stone flies, march browns, and the pink san juan worm will get it done. The BLACKFOOT RIVER, located north east of Missoula, Montana is a bit high still. […]

The Montana Fishing Company Fly Fishing Report From The Simms Ice Out Event In Bozeman


The Montana Fly Fishing Company is fishing in Bozeman, MT, this week, for the Simms Ice Out Event. It’s an event for guides and outfitters.  A great place to meet and share stories with others in the industry. I was out on the famous Madison River, last night, wade fishing. We pulled in a good size brown […]

The Bitterroot is Fishing Well in the Montana River Report from Scott Anderson


The BITTERROOT RIVER, located South of Missoula, Montana, is fishing great. I had clients this week that caught many fish over 18 inches in length. All were taken on dry flies. The patterns were March brown cripples and Skwala stone flies. We started with nymphs and the dry fly action got better around 10:00 am. […]

Up-to-date river flow data in the Scott Anderson Fishing Report


Montana Fishing Company is offering spring fly fishing trips on the Bitterroot River for $375.00 per day. Book on line Bitterroot River – The Bitterroot has bumped in flows in the past week with the rain and snow melt. The river has bumped up to 150 CFS in the past day. Not much happening […]

Midge clusters and pupas were hot on the Missouri in Scott Anderson’s Fishing Report


Montana Fishing Company was out on the water this weekend across the state of Montana. We started our trip out of Thompson Falls, Montana, fishing the Thompson River. Not much action on the Thompson River most likely due to the bright sun. I was on the Bitterroot River on Friday. Yet another slow morning, but […]

Skwala season is here with warmer weather expected in the Scott Anderson Fishing Report


Montana Fishing Company is hitting the road. We have our first guided trip this Friday on the Bitterroot River and then I am off to the mighty MO. The Skwala Stonefly should be the ticket on Friday. I am predicting low flows Friday a.m. and the river should bump up with the warm weather.