Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports for 9/23/17

The elk rut is in full sing and you can hear the bulls bugling all over the big sky. Also, cooler te

The Most Important Thing To Bring To The Woods

So many hunters use tools to improve their hunting but is there something they are forgetting? Bi Po

Make Waxed Dirt Using Glass

Making waxed dirt is something every winter trapper needs to do. One problem is that with all the sm

Grizzly kills cattle near Dupuyer

A ranch about five miles west of Dupuyer lost 10 calves earlier this week to grizzly bears. The catt

Calling Elk Effectively with More Than One Hunter

When you’re hunting elk with somebody, you want to have effective calling strategies to get yo

Poo Poo Screens Are a Good Idea…

Have you ever gone inside an outhouse and found an animal looking back up at you below the toilet se

It’s Time to Talk Hunting at Hunters’ Breakfast!

Tune into Hunters’ Breakfast with the Captain for the latest in fishing and hunting reports fo

Lazarus bear comes back to life, is killed

Someone who tried to help a bear that hit by a car north of Polson had quite the bumpy ride this wee

Bugle Corps (by Brett French)

Whether you are an elk hunter or simply like to watch wildlife, there’s nowhere quite like the Sli

Yellowstone National Park seeking photo exhibitors

MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, WY – Calling all photographers. Come share your spectacular Greater Yellowsto

Flathead Basin Commission might be eliminated

Members of the Flathead Basin Commission (FBC) will hold a meeting on September 27, 2017 from 10:00

Bitterroot River Fishing Report by Grizzly Hackle 9.18.17

Fishing in the Bitterroot River gets a 5/5 from Grizzly Hackle! Here is their latest fishing report:

Why Patchouli Oil….WHY?

Patchouli oil.  Why?  WHY??!!!  I can’t go anywhere in Missoula, specifically, without gett

Big Bull Elk: Best of the Best – Captain’s Column 9.21.17

The Captain reported a story that was too awesome to redo….and this is why it is the BEST of t

Central to Eastern Montana Fishing Report 9.20.17

Fall is  on its way  and with it comes sudden changes in weather and  changes in  water and dro

Stuff Your Elk Into Some Peppers! [RECIPE]

If elk-stuffed peppers sound like something you might like, then you definitely want to take a look

Playing Chicken with a Bull Elk

When the bulls are rutting…they tend to get confrontational and even aggressive. This probably

Elk Found in Tree after Avalanche

According to a recent post on OutdoorHub…a hunter came across an unfortunate sight while out l


Waterfowl hunters intending to hunt on the Canyon Ferry WMA (CFWMA) near Townsend this fall are remi

Montana being Showcased on the Food Network

Montana is going back on the television map again…this time for our hearty meat options at our

Holy BUCK!

How about some antler porn from Shed Heads?  Take a look at this 220″ Vernon County Wisconsin

Attention Hunters…

If you lose sign of your animal while you’re tracking it…give social media a look.  Mar

2017 Fall Mack Days Opener FRIDAY!

2017 Fall Mack Days will begin on Friday September 22nd on all of Flathead Lake and will not end unt

Whitey vs. Muley…sort of [VIDEO]

Whitetail and muleys are quite different, but Montana, specifically, is full of areas where both spe


Citing biblical scripture, Christian numerologist David Meade is predicting the end of the world on

Tellesch Fur Farm Draft Environmental Assessment

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, is seeking public comment for a draft environm

Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report 9.17.17

Canyon Ferry: Cool and wet weather this past week kept most anglers at home.  However, a few rainbo

Three Trophies in Two Days!

Three anglers. Three trophy pike. Two days. If you’re feeling like fishing…head to Lakes

Illinois Legalizes Use of Crossbows During Archery Season. Should Montana Follow Suit?

The State of Illinois lifted restrictions on the use of crossbows during deer and turkey archery sea

New Survey Finds 2 million Fewer Americans Hunted Last Year Than 2011

A 2016 United State Fish and Wildlife Service survey found 2.2 million fewer Americans hunted that y