Caution-Grizzly bears at Lolo Hot Springs Campground

Here’s a heads up for anybody in the Lolo Ho

The Moose are Out! [VIDEO]

Well, the moose are out and moving around… H

Porcupines really like corn… [VIDEO]

This might be what you would experience if you are

A Moose in Disguise…

This is something you don’t see every day

Bull Elk Charges Tourist…….Again

Every year in the news….. If it can happen t

Bears itch, too! [VIDEO]

There really is no caption required–happy Fr

Coyote attacks Young Girl [VIDEO]

For people who think coyotes don’t attack pe

Alligator Spotted with Knife in its Head

Imagine you’re at the ocean just enjoying th

The Poison Chain…

The following was posted via Santa Monica Mountain

Deer hit by SUV goes after driver [VIDEO]

This person (a few years ago) apparently hit a dee

Top 5 Surprise Bear Attacks [VIDEO]

You just never know when you will encounter a bear

Banff National Park Shut Down after Wolf Attack on Camper

A wolf tried to drag a New Jersey man out of his t

Bobcat Vs. Raccoon [VIDEO]

This might surprise you…or not.

Coyote Survives after being stuck in Car Grill [VIDEO]

Wowza.  This isn’t the first time we’

Porcupine Walks on Two Legs

Have you ever seen a porcupine walking on two legs

Colstrip lake trail closed after mountain lion sighting

Recent sightings of a mountain lion and two kitten

YNP Grizzly Bear Charge [VIDEO]

Here’s some footage of a grizzly bear charge

Beaver Attacks Car [VIDEO]

Do not underestimate a beaver…..

Mtn Lion vs. Black Bear…sort of [VIDEO]

Although, it isn’t clear where this video wa

Cow Elk Chases Jogger and Dog [VIDEO]

Again, you keep hearing to leave wildlife alone

Friendly Young Black Bear Euthanized

This is Oregon news, but it could happen anywhere&

Fox vs. Fawn [VIDEO]

A fox vs. a fawn……and the winner is

A Curious Yellowstone Area Grizzly Bear… [VIDEO]

Here’s some footage of just how comfortable

Resist the urge to approach a scene like this… [video]

Just to reiterate what MT FWP keeps reinforcing, i

Keep your distance from young or injured wildlife

Each spring, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks re