Last-minute gift ideas for sportsmen
By Hookemharry

Posted: December 20, 2001

Don’t panic! You still have a few days left to buy those Christmas presents. Save that panic for Christmas Eve. By then, you’ll really need it. But since you do only have a couple of days left to Christmas shop for the person on your list that hunts and fishes, let me help you out.

Here goes:


A duck or goose call (waterfowl season runs into the early days of next year).


A box of shotgun shells (steel shot for those waterfowl hunters).


A day hunting in a Montana pheasant preserve (the season is open until March 31).


A real dependable flashlight (either a big one or a little one).


A bucket with a nice swivel seat, good for a waterfowl blind or for ice fishing.


A 12-volt electric air pump for low tires (this will be used more than you think).


A stainless steel Thermos.


A new fish cleaning knife.


A fanny pack to keep gloves and stock hats all in one place.


A stocking hat or gloves to put in the fanny pack.


A pair of new warm slippers to us around the house and in hunting camp.


A hand warmer.


An ice strainer (it helps them clear out their ice fishing holes).


A sled to use for hauling game or ice fishing gear.


A shell bag to keep ammo all in one place.


A pair of wool gloves (everyone needs an extra pair).


A dozen goose or duck decoys.


A pair of binoculars.

These gift ideas should get you started in the right direction. I am sure you might have something to add to my list. If you do, e-mail it to: because, believe it or not, my Christmas shopping isn’t done either and I’m feeling a little bit panicky about it.

Let it snow! Mary Sue Costello, from West Yellowstone, reported that as of last Saturday, there was three feet of snow on the level in her town. That’s a big change from the past few years when they had only about four inches of snow at this time. That dump of snow is good news for snowmobilers and cross country skiers. It’s also good news for Olympic biathlon competitors who will be training in West Yellowstone before the Salt Lake City games. Costello says the average yearly snowfall at West Yellowstone is 144 inches.

Have a Merry Christmas!