Great hunt up for bid at Ravalli auction
By Hookemharry

Posted: February 12, 2004

The main fund-raiser this year for the Ravalli County Fish and Game Association is all about THE hunt.

A hunt for a Mountain Goat in British Columbia has been donated to the association from Cassier Stone Outfitters. How did they secure a dream hunt like this? It’s likely because the outfitter owners, Troy and Lori Ginn, are from Hamilton.

The Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association (RCFWA) has been around for many, many, many years.

“The RCFWA has roots dating back to the early 1900’s,” says Tom Powers. “In fact, one of the first projects in those days for the association was to raise freight money in 1912 to ship 100 elk from Yellowstone National Park for release in the Bitterroot Valley.”

The RCFWA is composed of hunting and fishing enthusiasts, conservationists, foresters, nature lovers, rural and agricultural interests and basically all others who share a sense of basic responsibility for the preservation of natural resources and wildlife of the county, state and nation according to Powers.

The RCFWA is holding its annual banquet on Feb. 21 at the Bedford Hall in Hamilton. This is also the time when the auction will take place for the Mountain Goat hunt. The hunt also can be upgraded to include a Mountain Caribou or Moose.

Because seating is limited for the banquet – and, by the way, tickets are still available – the association is also taking phone bids. Contact Skip Clevenger 363-1044 or Art Callan 961-4652 before Feb. 21 to arrange your phone bid.

Proceeds from the auction will be used for conservation projects in Ravalli County.

If you would like more information on the hunt, call the Ginn’s at 363-0883. If you would like tickets for the RCFWA banquet, call Linda Habeck at 961-1435

ICE FISHING — Ice fishing reports continue to vary from lake to lake. Bob Harlock reports from Seeley Lake that a few large northern pike have been taken recently. The spear huts have been slow for the most part.

Harlock reports that a 25-pound northern pike was taken with a tip-up. Harlock also mentioned that Harpers Lake has been producing some trout that were planted about a month ago.

Mike Violette and Russ Hage from Missoula fished Hauser Lake last weekend. They caught some nice walleyes and even caught a small crappie during their stay on the ice.

STATE RECORD: For the record books, Ron Gulbertson, of Glasgow, took Shortnose Gar a new state record. The fished was speared in the Dredge Cuts below Fort Peck Reservoir and weighed 7.02 pounds. What does a shortnose gar look like? Log onto and see for yourself.