Don’t forget about the family
By Hookemharry

Posted: December 30, 2004

When I look back on 2004 it really makes me appreciate the unpredictability of life in general.

I had set out this past year with nine New Years resolutions for myself that I shared with you about this time last year. Most of the resolutions had to do with hunting and fishing, after all that is what I do for a living.

Some had to do with eating-like cleaning out my freezer to make room for the elk I never did bag. One of the fishing resolutions was geared to catching a large fish, big enough to brag about to the rest of the crew of The Montana Outdoor Radio Show crew that it was the biggest one ever caught among us. Well that didn’t happen either. In fact out of the nine New Years Resolutions that I set out to achieve last year I really can only say that I came close to accomplishing one.

Now most of you might think that I had a really disappointing year, but 2004 was actually one of the most rewarding years that I have every experienced and I owe it to my wife and my five kids. You see for most of my adult life I have been busy like most people trying to make sure that my family is well taken care of with the bare necessities in life-food, shelter, and clothing.

Along the way I have been involved with a few start up projects like The Montana Outdoor Radio Show, which its first live broadcast aired six years ago across the state. If you have ever been involved in starting something from the beginning you know how time consuming it can become, basically taking over most of your thoughts and energy in the process.

The weekly radio show, even though it airs only for two hours, required a lot of traveling. Montana is a big state and one of the strong appeals of the show to our listeners is getting out and doing live on location broadcasts.

Over the course of a typical year we would do live shows from goose blinds, ranchers homes, lakes, rivers, hunting and fishing show expos. And of course because it is hunting and fishing show I naturally got in more than my share of fishing and hunting.

I was known as the Captain of the radio show, unfortunately along the way I forgot I was also the Father of five kids and the Husband of a very special women. With the ages of my kids ranging from 16 years old to 2 years old something was bound to give.

Through therapy sessions it was pointed out to me that as father my kids needed more from me than to just provide the basics, they needed me to spend quality time with them all the time not just when we would go hunting and fishing.

I am proud to say I have bought into this “Father Concept” in a very big way. I have made great strides as a Father the last six months, my kids have benefited from it and I am having a lot fun.

The radio show, which is as popular as ever, starts its 7th year. In 2005, my New Years Resolution is to continue to strive to create the perfect balance as the Captain, husband and father. Yes I still love to hunt and fish, I still do the weekly radio show and most everybody I know around the state still calls me the “Captain”.

But more importantly in between fishing and hunting trips when I walk through the door and one my kids yells out “Dads Home”, from now on they will know it and so will I. From my family to yours Happy New Year!

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