Whitefish bite begins on Flathead Lake
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 28, 2005

The e-mail came late Saturday afternoon. Subject: Whitefish, Whitefish, Whitefish! I knew basically what it meant before I even opened it. The annual Lake Superior Whitefish bit was officially underway on Flathead Lake.

The e-mail was sent by Dick Zimmer from Zimmers Tackle in Pablo. Just to make sure I thought it might be a good idea to call Zimmer Monday morning to see how the fishing has been up that point. I happen to reach him on his cell phone, as he was just about to hook another fish.

Here is how the conversation started. Hi Dick, this Mark Ward how is the fishing going?? Well we have been catching whitefish most of the morning but most of them have. Oh I got one on can you call me back? After waiting for about five minutes I call Zimmer again. Dick did you land that last fish?? Yes it was about average size..Oh there’s another one. (silence on the other end of the phone for 30 seconds)..he got away I got him right to the boat but he got away.  Oops! theres another one man the bite has really turned on it is a lot better than earlier this morning they are really hitting the lure hard right now?

At that point I had heard enough information from Zimmer and told him I would let him enjoy his fishing and hung up the phone. I did happen to get some lure information from him however before I hung up the phone. Presently a set up with the small rattle-d-zastor with a fly about 6 inches above the lure tipped with maggots was working.

The ¼ ounce rattlesnake with green reflector tape with a yellow LMR special about 6 inches above the lure also was working. When I talked to Zimmer on the phone he was fishing in the Big Arm/Elmo area in 45-55 feet of water.

Soon the whitefish will be biting in Rollins and the river mouth Delta and the north point of Woods Bay. There have been reports already that the bite is on the north point of Yellow bay. Zimmer has one last piece of advise, If the whitefish are not cooperating move in to 25 to 35 feet for perch or for lake trout got deeper at 50-65 feet?.

The great Montana Mack Attack fishing derby will be held next weekend August 6-7th.
The popular annual event is based out of Dels Bar in Somers. This year we giving away over $20,000 in cash and prizes through our drawings and fishing contest?, says derby organizer Bob Lincoln.

We are expecting over 500 anglers to compete at this years event?, he added. There are a number of categories that derby participants have a chance to win cash. Lake trout has three different slot lengths. 22 inches and smaller 28 inches and smaller and 36 inches and larger. The largest fish caught over 36 inches by weight will be worth $1000 to the lucky angler. Last year that fish weighed over 30 pounds and was caught by Cameron Hockett.

For more information on where to enter and for camping facilities call Dels Bar 857-3351.