Blackened Salmon
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 27, 2010

What You Need:


Two pounds or more Salmon fillets

Olive oil

Butter or margarine

One teaspoon cayenne pepper

One teaspoon paprika

One teaspoon onion powder

One teaspoon garlic powder

One teaspoon black pepper

One teaspoon oregano


What you do:


Remember, this can be smokey so it is best prepared out of doors. This makes for a great shore lunch when salmon fishing. You will need a well seasoned cast iron fry pan. Mix the last six ingredients well and set aside. Now rub the fillets with olive oil and coat with the mixed seasonings. Get the fry pan good and hot and put a stick of butter in it followed by the salmon fillets. Cook no more than two minutes on each side and add more butter when you turn it over. If you can get them this early in the season, fresh melons and fruit go well with this dish. Also a cold beverage will be greatly appreciated along with the meal.